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See The Excuse Fans Gave For Removing Frank Lampard's Banner From Stamford Bridge. | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:00:05
Considering the unexpected sack of Frank Lampard the former Chelsea manager, so many football pundits have come out to criticize the Chelsea owner for not given the club's legend enough time to make the difference at Chelsea. Others were of the opinions th ...
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  • NnaEmmanuelChimezie

    02-02 19:52:26

    lampard should remain a legend not a coach for a list now

  • 2bxy

    02-02 17:16:46

    replace it with "Tuchel is here"

  • FemiDada_02

    02-02 16:58:53

    Lampad has become a once upon a time. Thomas is the current issue. He must be supported to achieve. He will surely achieve.

  • YahHuwa.

    02-02 18:13:37

    Chelsea owner made mistake by take lampard as a Chelsea coach, lampard is a championships coach for now not premiership coach the lampard experience is too small to coach Chelsea, Ateta learn from pip Guadiola from Manchester City when when lampard is not asisstance manager at any club before take over Chelsea job.

  • AdemolaJohn_02

    02-02 16:51:50

    dat is even better

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