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Today's Headlines: Gunmen Strikes In Anambra, Borno Residents Flee From Boko Haram Attacks. | All Comments

2021-02-05 15:14:35
Today's Headlines: Gunmen Strikes In Anambra, Borno Residents Flee From Boko Haram Attacks.1) Gunmen Strikes In Anambra.They were said to be killed inside a church around 7 pm on Thursday.He said an investigation had commenced. ...
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  • GilbertIheonye

    02-06 10:52:23

    dangerous things the happen in Nigeria everyday very very bad

  • GUEST_PkrWd9ZLj

    02-05 20:00:45

    God must put paper for nigérians goverment eyes if them no think of good things for us nigéria people n'a paper n'a them go they see

  • IkemOkeke

    02-05 20:26:33

    WHO is buhari the worst President in the world , in corruption nepotism incompetent President

  • UmarBalaYusuf_03

    02-05 20:00:00

    Buhari has done a lot regarding security in Nigeria before Buhari there were road blocks everywhere.They are now history.The insecurity we are facing now is political there are people who don't want Buhari to succeed by all means.Before Buhari becomes president there was no insecurity in katsina state whay now?

  • CharlesNnalue

    02-06 11:12:47

    Absolutely no. In fact he has done more encourage and abate insecurity and lawlessness. His administration has spelt doom and disaster for this country.

  • GUEST_zlBJ7EwE8

    02-06 06:48:54

    remember buhari is the spokesman to the Boko Haram during good luck regime when they were invited to talk one on one

  • GUEST_Ye4N5nzBq

    02-05 19:08:45

    That is Past event.

  • MatthewNebeokike

    02-05 18:50:04

    no buhari has not done anything to secure Nigerians

  • +234-803898****

    02-05 21:33:50

    kataka everywhere


    02-05 17:50:41

    demi Adesina is a big nonentity,also talking nonsense

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