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Breaking: Kano Governor Leads the Conversion of 180 Pagans. | All Comments

2021-02-09 17:47:29
The Governor of Kano his Excellency Ganduje has activly led the successful Islamization ( converting) of about 180 Pagans.The pagan group consist of forty seven male (47) and one hundred and thirty three Female (133). ...
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  • +234-706334****

    02-09 19:17:16

    you can now see the type of people elected to run the public affairs in this country. it is obvious, the gov. has no meaningful things to do. otherwise, why this nonsensical function. na wa o.

  • Theaz

    02-10 06:50:55

    When you promised them empowerment, why won't they convert?? Using poverty as a religious tool is disgusting. Hungry lot....


    02-10 18:33:52

    47Men and 133Women,All the male were killed by Jihadists masquerading as Herdsmen thereby forcing the remaining few males that ran away to accept Islamization by force as the only way to revisit their ancestral Lands.What this is telling Nigerians are that a dried leaves that falls from tree reminds the green leaves that their days are numbered.

  • Megan-04

    02-10 11:56:50

    what is the difference. is it not better they remain pagans?

  • GUEST_leM4vVq0Q

    02-10 07:49:08

    No pagan like Muslims, because they embrace hatred, killings especially by beheading, hostility terrorism


    02-09 20:46:57


  • GUEST_r27dD4a3N

    02-10 17:31:14

    Empowering the poor masses with our tax money and expecting reward from Allah.Ignorance of the highest order.

  • Al-AminBajoga

    02-09 19:46:01

    Alhamdu Lillah!

  • [email protected]

    02-09 22:28:15

    How you means by Pagans?

  • PaulMingyi_01

    02-09 21:48:23

    wonders shall never end when did he became Imam?

  • Standing4FACT

    02-09 20:17:32

    Good, is now very clear that they embraced Islam as a result of the soul touching lecture delivered to them. Good luck.

  • GUEST_6rXWq8gwk

    02-09 21:32:54

    To inherit the kingdom of God is not by majority of religion.

  • +234-805972****

    02-09 22:46:37

    where are they?

  • MightyDon

    02-09 21:44:40

    Converted to Book Haram

  • BubuGwandu

    02-09 21:22:34


  • olaobembe

    02-13 11:13:29

    ﹰThis is an insult to the adherent of traditional religionin Nigeria.

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