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Do This And Any Food You Cook Will Never Get Burnt | All Comments

2020-07-20 20:41:16
Cooking a delicious and perfect meal is every Cooks dream. By cook, I mean anybody who is in charge of the kitchen for the day lol. We usually detest anything that will make our food come out bad and we try as much as possible to give the cooking our best ...
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  • DivineMoses_03

    02-15 14:49:56

    I appreciate

  • Gracedumnodi

    07-21 06:16:22

    I am an expert in roasting food. Thanks for the tips.Really appreciate you for all you write. Originality

  • GUEST_aQ3YBeprZ

    12-29 13:35:32

    on point. thanks

  • Xtakingsley

    12-21 19:53:54

    food way no burn small no dey sweet, especially rice😂😂

  • Olola-arrive

    10-27 17:27:29

    good one

  • NobleIsaac_01

    09-24 10:23:43

    No addition no subtraction, u av said it all.

  • +234-0808453****

    08-05 14:52:06

    Your write-up is quite comprehensive. It was a good job you did here. 👍🏽

  • TheresaAbok_01

    07-29 11:38:52

    Thanks so much for the tips

  • GUEST_pbYWBQdvb

    07-22 12:36:20


  • LovethOdume

    09-24 21:09:28

    thanks, am an expert in burning food. by HIS GRACE I will not again.

  • debbyadeola

    08-10 19:03:18

    just stupid write up

  • Berry️

    01-18 07:33:41

    nice one there

  • GUEST_qL70582dN

    01-10 09:48:00

    I thought only animals could be this stupid.

  • GUEST_r6a9YV6p2

    12-29 10:13:56

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