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Nigeria Has Finally Announced Her Decision over The Interest of Benin Republic to Be Part of Nigeria | All Comments

2021-02-20 22:41:23
God has blessed Nigeria with abundant human and natural resources that can feed the whole world as long as the resources have been used perfectly right to achieve spectacular goals. ...
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  • +234-0803079****

    02-21 01:40:53

    "in near future US and UK 🇬🇧 will also make a request to be states of Nigeria". This how cows rightly reasons for they know that many nations delights in cows 🐮 🐮 🐮 rearing

  • +234-803313****

    02-21 01:32:26

    36 states you cannot manage, and someone is suggesting the addition of a 37th state? Let's have constant supply of electricity first and other amenities, to determine your readiness.

  • Blackvoice

    02-21 03:03:16

    Welcome, my Yoruba brothers. the major speaking language is Yoruba. and a small quantity state for the Fulani's. once again Yoruba and Fulani's coming together!!!!. 🤒.

  • Agas

    02-21 03:05:52

    is it not another l ploy by this clueless and fraudulent Govt.

  • EkePeterO

    02-21 12:15:15

    fake news to the highest order


    02-21 07:09:00

    A country speaking french wants to join another country speaking English, it's going to be worse than the beginning. More disaster coming on both nation's. Who conceive the idea by the way?

  • CharlesOigiangbeIsibor_01

    02-21 06:04:43

    Look at the way this writer painted the Buhari govt as if Nigerians are doing better under his regime. The truth is that no right-thinking nation would want to join a collapsing nation like ours. Something is fishing that we are yet to know of.

  • advocat004

    02-21 06:15:36

    someone should advise people of Benin before it's too late for them..

  • dantechinedu

    02-21 08:31:59

    so Benin republic want to join the zoo republic of Nigeria, i hope pmb will allow it so that Biafra can leave...., hopeless country

  • UnitedNigeria

    02-21 06:44:34

    That's one of the greatness of PMB leadership. The Ghana president honoured him to share their independence day with him, Benin shows interest to be under his watch and soon many other west African countries to declare their interest too. PMB you are father of all black race on this earth.

  • +228-9009****

    02-21 18:34:00

    Eulogizing the criminality of a nepotistic leader is the worst crime.

  • BenjaminAduaka_02

    02-21 16:54:03

    accept Benin republic and plus allow biafra go

  • irieman.

    02-21 12:47:32

    tales by moonlight,no country colonised by french will dare try it.nigeria never ok first .

  • GUEST_VvR9a80eG

    02-21 11:42:13

    If you believe this, you are sleeping on a bicycle. Think and Grow Rich

  • GUEST_QGMG7nn7z

    02-21 11:40:17

    This is another fulani campaign,you are now eulogizing Buhari that has already failed,what a hopeless country.


    02-21 08:15:49

    Blind leaders in Benin republic seeking to be part of unstable nation. Shame!

  • JohnKunlex

    02-21 02:59:46

    What a mockery of the year?Benin is so close to Nigeria not to know what we're passing through. All these silly news are parts of propaganda to window dress a catastrophic regime of a cancerous failed ruling class looking for legitimacy to remain in power. God will disgrace you as you're disgracing us as a people with your bad governance.

  • ValentineChimereUzor

    02-21 20:32:01

    fake news everywhere,,oooo

  • GUEST_08a6yOyEL

    02-21 08:05:00

    benin republic is far better than Nigeria security wise and in their welfarism to the citizenry

  • GUEST_xqPR8PvX2

    02-21 07:04:11

    fake news by an Imbecile.

  • DeLight01

    02-21 05:52:44

    fake news everywhere... please Mr writer they never expressed interest, Nigeria media and their reports.

  • ibezimakujobi

    02-21 23:43:22

    NONSENSE joke. which Benin Republic would join Nigeria. Then Germany will join us oh one day.

  • jeremiahvambe

    02-21 23:05:32

    Nigeria's neighbours know how to get their way with Nigeria. It's simple, you stroke Nigeria's ego and you get what you want. Let's keep living in the fool's paradise. Serious countries are moving fast and leaving us behind with our self ascribed ego boosting slogans such "Giant of Africa, Africa's largest economy, largest democracy in Africa etc. Nigeria cannot hide from its shadow.

  • AkinbamideleOlorunobinumi

    02-21 22:21:57

    Benin republic was once a part of Nigeria in the oke-ogun end. It is a welcome development & advantage to the southwest.

  • GeorgeUdoh_03

    02-21 21:47:51

    small mind spreading rumours

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