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Former Chelsea Manager Resigns After Club Signs Player He Doesn't Want | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:50:37
The dream of every football club manager is to have total control over the transfer market and window. Making transfers and signing the actual players he prefers and wants but this has not always been happening. Football clubs boards have taken it upon the ...
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  • GUEST_qx5QR8zyY

    02-02 20:03:22

    Giving out a goat and also hold the rope, a king being ruled by masses and subject. Not good at all.

  • Omenaokochi

    02-03 12:00:09

    Correct 👍

  • GUEST_jpgRnM9Rg

    02-02 18:59:09

    no no no not good

  • AigbeOdionSmile

    02-03 04:05:50

    Why resigned, U can let him be on the bench.

  • IbukunMatthewSeyon

    02-02 17:48:01

    That's a bold decision

  • MaposaTerry

    02-02 19:05:54

    correct decision as results will be his responsibility.They fire him if results are not coming,typical of Epl boards

  • Papaed

    02-03 13:41:42



    02-04 05:05:27

    That's the same thing happens at CFC ,then at the end u blame the coach when they fail to deliver.

  • GUEST_P783yb6a7

    02-02 17:03:11

    Race card in one of the high way football with white controls business of the beautiful game😴😄😣

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