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Dear Women, These 4 Things About You Should Not Be Known By Your Boyfriends Until After Marriage | All Comments

2021-02-15 05:23:48
Ladies do not share similar hearts with guys because, God has created them with cool and pure heart which that leads them into thinking that everyone has pure heart like them. ...
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  • GUEST_MJ850VoYa

    02-15 20:05:51

    your boyfriend should know your family health issues. if he loves you, it wunt stop him from marrying you. if you hide it from him, and he finds out after marriage, he can divorce you on the ground that the relationship was built on lies and deciet.

  • GUEST_D81d5GRXk

    02-15 14:59:23

    Those things has nothing to do with love. Be open and God will bless you.

  • Thoth

    02-15 22:34:31

    I'm pretty sure you didn't evaluate your points before posting them online.

  • Emmacan

    02-15 12:34:29

    you are a criminal

  • GUEST_gvgDWgg7R

    02-16 11:53:47

    That's your personal opinion. It is not necessary to ask a woman about her ex, but bear it in mind that every woman, except a virgin has a past and the more sincere and open about the past, the better. I simply would not trust a woman who is shifty about her past if it is something I need to know about. openness is the hallmark of trust.

  • MustaphaYakubuMallambe

    02-16 01:36:45

    wicked mumu in till after marriage so dat she will be send back to her father's house abi?


    02-15 17:06:42

    Stupid advice. Am sure the poster is not married and will not have a successful marriage if she ever gets married. You cannot have a successful marriage if you're insincere to your wife or husband from day one.

  • +234-809717****

    03-08 02:16:08

    Dear poster, Congratulations for winning the prestigious award of the "Dumbest post of the week" May you receive sense.

  • GUEST_K8PX1Vemk

    02-15 09:51:22

    Wicked souls

  • MichaelObara1

    03-07 19:16:46

    give me this yoghurt I will make you owner of MY company

  • olaa_01

    02-28 03:35:32

    "Dear sister, no matter how deep you love your boyfriend, you should never tell him or let him find out that someone has enter you for he will stop considering you as good woman". Isn't this extremely easy to find out even without the NEPA light? Holy Mary didn't also stand a chance either. 

  • GUEST_9JjPRGq1b

    02-16 07:38:25

    Big Black women are beautifuls .

  • EmmanuelUwem

    02-15 12:15:49

    Some Women Are Devils Incarnate, If I Later Find Out Those Secrets Myself You Are Finish.

  • GUEST_zw1BZE5bv

    02-17 16:23:04

    meet me in the official

  • Falz242

    02-15 10:02:23

    if 8 now found out later about any false informative from those 4 items listed what should I do?

  • Optimistic760

    02-15 06:36:47

    I agree with you

  • +234-802925****

    02-16 05:00:22

    ode, even health issue, okay I m watching

  • GUEST_q1yxgLNkE

    02-15 18:22:08

    Nothing is hidden under the sun,by the time the secret is revealed the the relationship will scromble

  • Chukwubuzor

    02-15 17:38:31


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