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What Happened To Pontus Pilate After The Death Jesus? | All Comments

2020-07-20 22:07:05
Jesus Christ of Nazareth, known by many as the Saviour of the world, was judge by Pontus Pilate, though Pontus was reluctant to crucify Jesus, the Jews and High Priest insisted that Jesus be crucified(Mark 15). After the death of Jesus there was no other r ...
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  • DavidIbezue

    07-21 15:49:32

    After the dead of Jesus the Christ, the Centurions whom Christ healed his servant was summoned to Rome by Julius Caesar, there, he gave a detailed report how Christ was killed the Jews. Caesar was annoyed against Pontius Pilate for allowing such a great man to be executed like a common criminal, as at the time be was proposing to visit Judea to see Christ. Caesar is the only authority to sign the dead warrant of prominent personality like Christ. So he ordered the arrest of Pontius Pilate along side all the chief priests involved in the disgraceful execution of Christ.

  • +234-0906335****

    07-21 03:36:35

    There will be so many surprises for historians and others in eternity about the personality of Jesus Christ and His plan for the world; instead of heeding the reproof of the master and creator of the Universe, His creation ( s ) want to cross examine Him in human laboratories and postulate divinity by human might ! Which is impossible ! Rather the world must repent in truth and in spirit and be saved from the wrath to come. Hear you Him, and whatever He commanded you to do; do ! And you shall find peace and rest for your souls; for He is the peace and comfort of the world !

  • TransparencyNigeria

    07-21 06:39:57

    Why write about it if you are not sure ?

  • +234-813470****

    07-21 07:07:19

    Jesus Christ the king of kings

  • IgagwuMykel_01

    07-21 06:47:52

    Controversies/divergents of facts and figures.

  • +234-0803226****

    07-21 07:54:02

    Well, no one knows but God

  • @Web

    07-21 09:54:37

    honestly speaking I don't even know the exact fact you're trying to let us know

  • +234-816954****

    07-23 10:46:06

    Jesus was not born during the time of Julius Caesar. it was the time of Caesar Augustus that Jesus was born

  • NwaturuochaFrancis

    07-23 05:59:37

    No matter how hard you may try there are so many things beyond human knowledge unless God wants to let you know

  • JibolaJohnson

    07-22 09:52:54

    one consolidation I have is that Jesus Christ is a real historical figure and not a myth or fiction Jesus Christ lived on this earth, crucified, reassured.these are historical facts.hallelujah!!!

  • AkinsanyaAde

    07-22 06:28:38


  • +234-803489

    07-21 20:06:13

    Heaven will be a wonderful place to be. Many questions will be asked in Heaven when we get there. Are you prepared to be there?

  • borisman

    07-21 19:23:19

    One of the cause about Ghaddafi's death . His down fall started immediately after taking a title King of King's and today he's no more .

  • +234-906595****

    07-21 18:13:35

    When GOD'S time has already be fulfilled . Julius Caesar and and Pontius palace has no spiritual sight to understand the manifestation of GOD'S power the creator of the universe they where fighting already concluded World deliverance battle by our LORD JESUS CHRIST, they where ignorantly fighting a physical battle that has been long manifested in heaven and Earth ,ways of GOD ALMIGHTY is not way , all Glory be to JEHOVAH GOD forever and ever AMEN

  • OdiegwuChris

    07-21 17:36:54

    Pontius pilate did not found Jesus guilty of the offence leveled against him by people but categorically told them of his innocent.leading them accepting the consequences of his death upon them and their generation unborn.I understood pilate allowed the will of the people as requested by them.Jesus died that we might live. Thank you JESUS. to

  • hedufake

    07-21 16:47:21

    JESUS Christ is the front-swagg that this outdated generation is still struggling to catch up with

  • KingDoubleStar

    07-21 13:19:28

    I don't even get your point, what particular point are you trying to prove,

  • FrankOnyeukwu

    07-21 12:55:13

    Jesus Christ is real and alive praise God.

  • AprealaT.Deme

    07-21 10:51:01

    tell us

  • OlisakweInnocent

    07-21 06:55:58

    Jesus is not only the king of the Jews, He is the king of kings and the king of the whole world

  • +234-803536****

    07-21 05:36:14

    it is we'll in Jesus Name, lord help me so that I can make heaven

  • +234-813476****

    07-21 03:32:27

    Very interesting

  • patrickagom

    07-21 00:59:55

    I wander oo

  • dekeidahosa

    07-21 00:42:53

    How do you expect life to be the same for the man who took it upon himself to sit 😂 n judgement against the JUDGE of all creation?

  • NkpokaMichael

    07-21 00:33:20


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