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US Soldier Refuses To Salute Trump In Viral Video, Spark Reactions On Twitter [VIDEO] | All Comments

2021-01-13 14:21:31
A trending video has been seen online showing a US soldier refusing to take the ritual salute to the president whenever he is about boarding whether the Air Force One or the state choppers. As seen in the video, the US president, Donald Trump was on his ...
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  • GuestAQKIVCF

    01-13 16:14:58

    So What are you insinuating? That the president is in danger from his own military details now? Continue your propaganda and lies.What goes round comes around. That is how the new president will also be in danger of his own details.

  • OkojasStanley

    01-13 18:05:09

    The soldier need to be sack because Trump is still the president and he deserves every respect of a president

  • AdediranAdedayo

    01-13 16:39:42

    like has not happen in the history of America for a president to defend so low to the level of sending thugs to Capitol Hill to rough handled the legislature Trump deserves no respect from any law abiden people.

  • GUEST_bW9kAwNyA

    01-13 17:08:20

    This is fake news. People should disregard it. There is no variations of authenticity in that write up at all.


    01-13 16:04:18

    Do you think it's Trump they disgracing.

  • GUEST_PmXmwpZ4o

    01-13 15:50:16

    He has lost his respect, shame .

  • GUEST_Ow20kZBd3

    01-13 17:04:08

    This writer has no work. Rubbish

  • AireOzed_01

    01-14 07:16:02

    They should respect him on till his tenure is over in the office, please let us stop all this their Nonsense, welther you like it or not he still remains the president of the United States of America 🇺🇸. Until 20th January 2021, before you can say anything.

  • OluyemiAkin

    01-14 06:42:39

    Whether they salute him or not he is still the President. Let them pray perhaps God that promoted Trump to that highest level in American can do same to them. Theiy are not mate in all standard.

  • RickyJones_01

    01-13 17:56:56

    Enemies of Donald Trump.

  • ndukwebernerd

    01-13 16:49:34


  • +23480607.****

    01-13 16:33:43

    F k News

  • GUEST_rlwdMYA15

    01-14 06:49:13

    Wow betides them but this is Fake news

  • GUEST_4v1pd7JZq

    01-13 21:30:04

    fake news every where

  • GUEST_0vz15jMNE

    01-13 20:52:58

    Yeye writer. Fake news, go and look for better news jo

  • BenjaminOkeh_01

    01-13 19:56:47

    Mr writer, you will still use the hand to write good about President Trump in no distance time


    01-13 19:44:12

    One may not understand what happened unless one is involved. Mind you, Trump us still the President and Commander in Chief. So this posting is more of a fake. Gboye.

  • GUEST_gpgkoGr19

    01-13 18:59:43

    fake news , even retire president gets salute ,it remains one whose power will expire on 20 th


    01-13 18:41:25

    As long , p.Trump is still the president the military man can pass him by without normal force salute to the president irrespective of what happened. Until the new president tk mantle of power I see this as fake news

  • +234-0810858****

    01-13 17:54:58

    fake news🚮


    01-13 17:42:52

    I saw all the moves he was well saluted,on TV why do you like fake news

  • GUEST_7rxyAJbEx

    01-13 17:25:16

    fake news,if true, militarytribune must be instituted

  • +234-813823****

    01-13 16:13:05

    Mr F F K how is market now??

  • +254-072253****

    01-14 11:37:37

    Respect is earned not given, if you disrespect yourself who do you expect to respect you? Trump is a thug who can never be allowed anywhere in leadership the business of maiming Africans and stealing their gold because you are in power has come to an extreme end.

  • GUEST_70mW1owGE

    01-14 11:36:47

    he a man we should be remaber

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