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More Trouble For Donald Trump After A 20 Year Old American Made A Revelation | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:32:19
More Troubles For "Donald Trump" After A "20 Year Old" American Made This Revelation. It's no longer news that "Donald Trump" was accused of causing the violent protest that happened at the United States Capitol. Also, it's important to note that the Unite ...
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  • OkaforAndy_01

    02-02 17:23:16

    No trouble for Donald Trump

  • GUEST_7Ol0XZK3e

    02-02 19:07:37

    You are wasting your time

  • OJafeDaniels

    02-03 10:11:52

    The question should also be asked, Did they steal the votes? If they can clear themselves of vote stealing, only then can they send Trump to jail. illegality versus illegality

  • GUEST_jOxJ6dm9k

    02-03 09:47:17

    Trump is heading to jail sooner than expected. Biggest SOB racist clown ever.

  • Kennedy2001

    02-02 16:53:35

    Trump is in big trouble

  • +234-802845****

    02-02 21:03:20

    this is 20 years trash

  • GUEST_qaJjdzwOk

    02-03 06:14:25

    The fact that the courts refused Trump to present the evidences he had about election and voters' frauds are responsible for what happened at the Capitol on January 6. The courts and the big tech media which refused to give him freedom of expression should be held responsible.

  • GUEST_dLGgpnxzv

    02-05 08:04:58


  • AsimiyuMakinde

    02-04 20:56:16

    can anyone among them put his/her finger inside the fire if advised to so perform? generally, it is for the devil to suggest it is for man given power of reasons and conscientious consideration that has to call upon these not to fail


    02-05 17:57:28

    Hmmmmmmmm! Wow!! This is really bad!!! Trump should be tried and jailed.

  • OgbonnayaUkpabi_01

    02-03 14:46:02

    Donald Trump has nothing to fear. In the case of insurrection was he trying to topple his government or S government to be as at 6th January?

  • DahiruUmaru_01

    02-02 20:21:35

    Trump incited his supporters to storm and distort the Biden's Election certification in Capitol hill . Whoever tries to exonerate him from the Jan 6 Mob invasion of capitol hill must have their brains examined.

  • SolomonAdikwu

    02-02 19:56:47

    cook stories!!! planned games from Democrats! God will surely expose you all and bring you to justice.

  • +234-813823****

    02-04 16:10:26

    They supported their president called to commit felony, useless brainwashed people

  • GertrudeMatjene

    02-04 22:25:42

    the whole world knew what was trump s aim

  • +234-0803311****

    02-04 17:59:35

    what is news about this? almost everyone heard of this!

  • AlhajaSinatu

    02-04 11:42:10

    does it need any soothsayer? of course Trump words invited incited the rioters to riot at the Capitol. he did not know it would not succeed in stopping the certification of Biden victory. Trump is guilty definitely

  • AbdulmalikBassey

    02-04 09:54:23


  • OdafeOdeghe

    02-03 18:39:50

    There is no question about.That's a treasonable of fence and for which he should be held accountable to serve as a deterrent for the future of the US.He should not be allowed to hold any public now or in the future.

  • +234-0803528****

    02-03 12:19:43

    lt is not true untill prove other wise with cogent evidence. The man is trying to gather evidence to exonerate his criminal act. Did the outgoing President gave him any support I've aids. l hope the man would provide more evidence to free him from wanting. He is not a politician either.

  • GUEST_lBmqL0Awr

    02-03 09:23:23

    paid deal must fail!

  • ClementThomas_01

    02-02 21:47:10

    paid for false information from Emmanuel.

  • +234-0708811****

    02-03 16:05:51

    this revelation is politically motivated by the dem to tarnish the Image of Trump. it shall not stand neither shall it come to pass.

  • GeorgeUdoh_03

    02-04 22:38:39

    God bless President Trump IJN, Amen

  • LordUdoh

    02-03 12:42:31

    America is far for me comment on their politic , let me see if Bubu will appoint new IGP.. this one concern me ...lol

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