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See people's reaction after this beautiful lady said she can turn someone's boyfriend into an ex | All Comments

2021-02-20 05:46:24
Less than 24 hours ago, a beautiful woman took to her Twitter account to post a beautiful picture of herself with the caption "I can turn your boyfriend to your ex in no time". ...
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  • +234-902134****

    02-20 07:40:45

    go & marry

  • FaceDonOche

    02-20 22:31:27

    That's not how to find boyfriend madam

  • charlesochoga

    02-21 08:58:24

    no problem.no body can stop love

  • destinychuks

    02-21 07:56:16

    no try me'ooo

  • +234-814538****

    02-21 04:54:24

    Sure, you can do it babe.. guy like boom's

  • GeorgeUdoh_03

    02-21 03:53:16

    she is a comedian, just trying to tease people

  • PromiseOkwudiriIkechukwu

    02-20 12:49:05

    make no mistake about it,she has got all the arsenal and we'll equip for the act.


    02-20 11:04:33

    hmmm na wa o na different things we dey see o

  • poopypants

    02-20 10:48:10

    is not about showing your body even you turn their boyfriends to your own na you lose because they too na text and go by then all this In your front will turn to flat na you go suffer the guy don keeps wife down already they wait make finish the assignment first your eye go open you age dey husband house with children you hear talking boyfriends afarafu lol

  • ChukwukaUsifo

    02-20 10:13:26

    You no get shame.

  • SediqMuhammed_01

    02-23 10:13:33

    u can do that with boys,not people like us real men

  • GUEST_yJZv39JvV

    02-20 23:42:40

    Wrong English

  • xperiment

    02-20 21:24:21

    1.all these you are showing to us are supposed to be for your husband, so go and marry 2.remember that all these you are showing showing to the world are sumptuous meal for termites, so think well.

  • JazzAlter

    02-20 14:17:52

    Was it an achievement

  • DonatusOgah

    02-20 14:13:34

    with what? responsible people are not usually dressed in her fashion. This garb she is putting on cannot turn turn me to an Ex of my wife/girlfriend currently.

  • GUEST_zzJjpX6Oo

    02-20 14:06:56

    The snacks will be eaten and the wrapped will be thrown away sister, not beauty is the thing, but how you can support your man and be God fearing, build your home,that's just it dear.

  • GUEST_YrReO4adK

    02-20 12:42:03

    so beautiful

  • Ibrahimdanazumi

    02-20 12:35:33

    I see am so

  • FrancisNamadam

    02-20 12:04:00

    The lucifer herself.

  • GUEST_DlrDv6g2l

    02-20 10:51:44

    The milk industry is here to provide milk, women are here to complement men's efforts, so ur big bobs doesn't count, i bi babe

  • SundayOmoniyi_07

    02-20 10:47:49

    by I he tw

  • SundayOmoniyi_07

    02-20 10:46:43


  • GUEST_yedqX7qLv

    02-20 09:52:38

    So!! she got and shows off big chest ....So??... what's the big deal????. Cover of a book doesn't matter.. what matters is inside the book. Stop getting excited for nothing. No big deal ok!!!!!!

  • OjenyaYunusa

    02-20 09:37:01

    You can expect it comes from my mind no ladies can try it.

  • Olowo-ni-Snr

    02-20 07:47:15

    You'll soon hate yourself. It's a matter of time.

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