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Show Me A Christian Bandit And I Will Ask Sheikh Gumi To Amend His Statement - Reno Omokri | All Comments

2021-02-22 14:24:18
The recent video made by popular Islamic scholar Sheikh Gumi, where he stated that some of the military men he meets, told him that Christian soldiers are the ones killing Muslim bandits and herdsmen in Nigeria. ...
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  • +234-808753****

    02-23 00:17:44

    The north has messed this country up with their senseless ideology...its quite apparent that the north and south have contrasting ideologies...please divide this country...we cant be yoked together

  • DikaKwabe

    02-23 06:55:40

    To say that Christian soldiers are the ones killing bandits is to justify what the bandits are doing and condemning the Christian soldiers for being their obstacles towards their objectives. Haven't you wandered why he himself have not been kidnapped if they have nothing in common?

  • MARCK.2

    02-23 02:42:09

    I thought they said that Islam is peaceful 🤣🤣🤣🤣,,,how can a peaceful people become bandits😂... What a contradiction 🤣?.. This almajiri byproduct sef 😄..Gumi has shown that he is one of the sponsors of those bandits, kidnappers, rappers, and yet they said that Islam is peaceful and encourages peaceful coexistence... bloody vampires

  • RainKisser

    02-23 05:11:31

    This blind administration will not see this Gumi's talk as HATE SPEECH. if it were another tribe, DSS will remember their job.

  • LovingGod

    02-23 11:30:45

    Everyone knows that Christianity is not like Islam. It's only the blind that will accept Islam as a true religion. Their Quran teaches violence, their members practices terrorism and banditry. Their priests encourage violence acts.

  • AyodeleJohnOyediran

    02-22 22:18:23

    all I can say is that, this gumi man lack decorum and he's not worthy to be among intelligent people, northern elders will not seize to amaze me, they always defuse to take responsibly for their misfortune, they are a Master of a blame game.

  • GUEST_R0VZgpJ00

    02-23 16:16:14

    If the Christian soldiers are killing bandits, is banditry activities is allowed in the North? Then why are they crying over their kidnapping and killing their people?. Now I known there's an islamic game plan assigned to Gumi

  • GUEST_J6B77MkxV

    02-23 12:22:23

    Oh my Gosh, gumi you use to be a highly respected cleric, how comes you've decended to a level of infra-indicnation. Plz.redeem your image and personality once again, cos your admirers are extremely 😞 disappointed in youuuuu.

  • GUEST_Kl2xxj7qM

    02-23 09:51:19

    God punish all of dem

  • GUEST_Kl2xxj7qM

    02-23 09:49:47

    divide dis country now

  • GUEST_Kl2xxj7qM

    02-23 09:48:37

    Sheikh Gumi is a terrorist God will soon expose him

  • +234-81793**

    02-23 07:18:43


  • GUEST_K1x5mb5gx

    02-22 22:07:18

    Do we have a Government?

  • OluwoleOjo

    02-23 04:25:29

    little wonder they killed Tolu Arotile.

  • GUEST_AKmOWb7d5

    02-23 16:50:26

    Did he want Muslim bandit to be kill by Muslim soldiers? that is stupid ideology, a military man is a military man he is not a religious person he live by order

  • +234-803325****

    02-23 12:28:34

    let Yorubas design thier own currency note and flag in time

  • +234-0706080*****

    02-23 12:22:55

    what is sheikh Gumi is trying to insinuate, at first I thought that this guy is trying preach to bandit so that they can repent but now he is diverting from initial program he has, now he is making Christian the bandit, he just forgot that he was the one going from bush to bush visiting bandit he must be joking

  • WonderAuthority

    02-23 11:33:44

    The plan is to create a FULANI Islamic republic of Nigeria... It's now so clear... And they want to use Nigerian security forces to carry out their plan...

  • AndyOguamah

    02-23 06:42:28

    With the Northerners , Nigeria can never achieve its potentials,..British designed this Nation to be a failed State right from onset.

  • Ombo

    02-23 05:54:16

    Eccentric! Who is a bandit? It's abnormal that some people are seeing it inappropriate that Muslim bandits are being prevented from robbery and committing other heinous vices by law enforcement agents who are duty-bound to do so. Those who by their utterances encouraging banditry and other violent crimes should be arrested. In fact, Sheikh statement is intended to cause division between Muslim/Christian soldiers


    02-23 05:42:24

    Liers always try to change narratives with a view to causing confusion. Liers are candidates of hell.


    02-23 22:46:08



    02-23 11:08:01

    the fact is that gumi has an agendar that will eventually consume him god willing his missionis evil

  • GUEST_Kl2xxj7qM

    02-23 09:53:30

    no matter what u do dis people killers herders Fulanis including Gumi terrorist d will not change

  • GUEST_vg5yAVL2Y

    02-23 09:50:00

    Is Sheikh Gummi listening to himself at all? Is he proud that someone somewhere is known and addressed as Muslim Bandit?

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