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Show Me A Christian Bandit And I Will Ask Sheikh Gumi To Amend His Statement - Reno Omokri | All Comments

2021-02-22 14:24:18
The recent video made by popular Islamic scholar Sheikh Gumi, where he stated that some of the military men he meets, told him that Christian soldiers are the ones killing Muslim bandits and herdsmen in Nigeria. ...
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  • nelsonasano

    02-23 07:08:48

    which implies that the muslin soldiers are shielding the bandits while the christian soldiers are the ones flushing them out,with this Gunmi has just told us the type of saboteur going on in the military becos since the Muslim soldiers shield d bandits they will work with them and lay ambush for the Christian soldiers, but God will protect them

  • +234-0803095****

    02-23 06:35:23

    Right on target. SHAMELESS PEOPLE.

  • GoodTiding.

    02-23 01:06:46

    challenge for Gumis statement...... However, Reno Goofed!!....Bandits (robbers)cut across religion/etnics

  • GUEST_OeQj3PWpy

    02-22 22:30:24

    Gumi deserves to be given 45 lashes of koboko publicly by Hisbah bcoz of his nonsesical y.

  • GUEST_D6Ma236Pr

    02-25 14:58:20

    Idiot how many robbers are there when and from where did robbery emanated and who are responsible are they not Bendelites at that time and present day Edolites Anini Iyamu Irowa Osunbor Shina Rambo are they not all from South? Idiots do you think we don't know that?

  • GUEST_njopk8K7z

    02-23 22:27:00

    Christian soldier killing Muslim bandits; invariably, Muslim soldier Pampers and panders to them lending credence to popular ascersions about Muslims being either terrorists or terrorists aiders and abetters! Sheik Gumi and Prof. zullum are like so many Muslims the world over who are so adept at making excuses and alloting blames to non Muslims for the evil Muslims perpetrate to humanity..if it's not the crusaders that started attacking Muslims in the 11th century elliciting a counter from Muslims ever since till date,it's the colonial masters declaration that brought Jews to dislodge pallestanians from their land. If it isn't Christian's that are responsible or taught Muslims insurgency,it's the white people or the Asians according to Prof zullum or America and Britain for their interest in foreign lands; Muslims never cause problems,they are merely retaliating! With their level of education and exposure,they never seem to realize the Stark reality that terrorism,banditry and other forms of criminal activities are the consequent result of bad governance which Muslim leaders are known for the world over.Fail to give your subjects quality education,Heath care...etc to improve his general well being,you keep breeding street urchins,destitutes,almajiris ..etc who later grow up to be criminals who later torment your life's This is common place in Islamic societies the world over

  • GUEST_DOpamKm0N

    02-23 16:42:22

    Gunmi, what is he looking for? To create division between the Christians and Muslims soldiers? And the government of the day don't give a damn about it? If he succeeds, he will be the first to die for it watch my word

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