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Emotional photos of soldiers reuniting with their family members in Nigeria and around the world | All Comments

2021-02-02 18:59:23
One of the things about the duty of a soldier is that you may see him/her today and hear that he/she is dead tomorrow. When soldiers are on duty on the battlefield, they do not go with their phones realistically, so, when the family members receive phone c ...
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  • GUEST_1KJa4wrKv

    02-02 21:21:14

    God bless our Gallant Soldiers.


    02-03 07:50:24

    Goodness ! These are very emotional pictures. They've made me cry this early morning.

  • GUEST_Mwl6DPqa5

    02-03 07:45:34

    May God's protection always be upon the Soldiers

  • Gudart

    02-03 12:41:01

    O Lawd! Who's cutting onions with me? 😭😭

  • DebuuOkoye

    02-03 07:50:05

    next time don't include Nigeria

  • Rolexx

    02-03 06:48:17

    So painful Lots of them we never be seen ever again. Future 🔮 leaders dying for an undeserving country.

  • GUEST_mb1DyLbY9

    02-04 09:10:40

    They spend days, weeks, months and years in the cold jungles, so that their various Counties live-in peace, some of them never leave to meet with their family again, may God continue to protect and bless them.

  • IdamFestus

    02-03 14:20:37

    It's not easy to be a soldier world 🌎 wide I respect the good soldiers.God protect them all in Jesus mighty name amen.

  • ChimaFrank_03

    02-02 22:42:12

    am emotional right now...some will not even.see their partner back

  • AustinPoland

    02-02 23:21:05

    out of all the pictures you know say this one na Nigeria army caused always defrend

  • +233-buffalo

    02-17 08:32:55

    oooh Jah protect us

  • GUEST_m8loEaGOA

    02-11 15:29:05

    May God always protect them 🙏


    02-03 18:03:37

    wish them happy returns. to God be the Glory

  • OnuHappyOnuHappiness

    02-03 11:40:18

    God pls always protect our soldiers in time of danger, give them wisdom and spirit of seeing when to indulged from danger

  • gogo_02

    02-03 06:48:10

    it's not easy at all

  • GUEST_anAZ18Kjb

    02-03 05:16:07

    I thank God for there life's

  • rosetony

    02-03 04:30:35

    May their hustles pay pave ways for them ijn AMEN

  • Ahmad.

    02-03 23:00:09

    these are the real men and women we call hero of our time. they are fighting, giving their life for many to gain freedom and liberty.

  • [email protected]

    02-03 12:26:58

    they most not die,u are welcome back home

  • HarryAmarakuo

    02-03 11:29:51

    eeyah so touching

  • VickyVickyvic

    02-03 09:20:07

    Hmm! very nostalgic. Those days as a barracks boy expecting the men to return, and some still don't return. Adieu to my soldier dad

  • SalihuMusaTsunda_01

    02-03 08:32:40

    Honestly there's nothing joyous like staying with your family together. God has designed for us to be happy and be at peace with one another. That's why God said, BLESSED ARE THE PEACE MAKERS, FOR THEY SHALL BE CALLED SONS OF GOD. But our selfishness has put us where we are today of insecurity. Every day blood sheds just to get worldly things. Is unfortunate may God save Nigeria and world over.

  • ChibuikemOkoye

    02-03 08:13:00


  • JoshuaAkpan_05

    02-03 05:17:08


  • HoluwatosinKuku

    02-02 22:08:50

    very emotional

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