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(Opinion) 3 Kinds of Women That Can Lead Men To Their Early Grave When Married To Them | All Comments

2021-02-09 13:11:32
Don't just get married to just any woman as a man all because you feel marriage is for everyone.Marriage isn't for everyone and marriage isn't meant for everyone. ...
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  • IykeOti

    02-11 09:59:36

    Men are endangered species nowadays.....

  • +234-0812892****

    02-09 16:11:00

    Hmmm women

  • AltimaBenjamin

    02-24 23:36:45

    this piece of write up is short but it is surely a master class.the writer is a genuis..

  • GUEST_40QxYX3Ol

    02-27 20:39:25

    So women don't need care?une well done oooo!

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