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In Nigeria, APC Youth Leader Has A Special Presidency Plate Number- Deji Adeyanju Laments. | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:12:39
Adeyanju Deji has again spoken today, in a post he made this afternoon, he decided to speak the personal car of the APC youth leader which he posted on his verified Facebook page. Deji Adeyanju is one man who has on several occasions criticized this presen ...
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  • OlawaleOlisa

    02-02 15:47:03

    You are not busy, you av exhausted every Decency in you, what is special in specialized plate numbers ? ordinary citizen that can afford to pay for it get it,so what is ur problem, you sound like an irritant nowadays. ,

  • Rah4real

    02-02 18:05:32

    MC olumo also has special union plate number, nothing we no go see for Nigeria

  • Enigmatic

    02-02 18:13:37

    unnecessary noise

  • Mrmickyp

    02-02 15:52:19

    I sight G-Wagon there.

  • Harrymarshal

    02-02 19:40:24

    your money killam

  • GUEST_7lgzp3ybL

    02-02 18:40:34

    sooo, is that ur problem. u will do worst that him, if u are in that position too Mr pdp

  • +234-803460****

    02-02 17:11:16

    Go and remove it because are the first person to see it.

  • UkkymanHigh

    02-02 16:26:52

    Deji is just a sad he see. anybody can have a special number. APC plate number is not reserve for Presidency.

  • OseniBankole

    02-02 16:03:04

    Deji, there's nothing spectacular in having special number plate. I can decide tomorrow that I want PPP-YL as my number plate so far it has not bn used for someone else bfor. The cost is a little bit above 100k. Pls criticise the government on issues not plate stuff like this.

  • HrhBamyOkatubo

    02-03 15:09:26

    I have never seen impunity taken to the level we are witnessing these days. Things are done just anyhow, without regard to laid down principles, so far as you are highly connected . That's the new order in Nigeria.

  • babangidabazza

    02-02 19:40:47

    is just that our nigerian youth we dont focused wat we salose to do we always mind people business

  • SirKay

    02-02 16:59:45

    Nigeria is not giant of Africa but baby of Africa...

  • EmmanuelAnyaogu

    02-02 16:45:36

    deji is not against anybody who decides to customise his number plate, but for the presidency to get involved in such mundane thing is not presidential at all.

  • BigUncleJay

    02-03 14:12:28

    All I see is bunch of fools that cannot distinguish between customized plate number and a Government/Presidency plate number..

  • MuritalaJnr

    02-03 13:04:51

    Please, sue him if... unnecessary!

  • GUEST_AmO4vb6e4

    02-02 19:55:00

    Rather unfortunate that we post nonsense. This particular nonsense exposes the ignorance of the writer. It is legal that in Nigeria you can purchase customized special number plate if you have the money. No big deal at all. So many of such ubiquitously.

  • Sezz

    02-02 17:21:11

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  • babangidabazza

    02-02 19:39:36

    this is nothing to have a number plate private if have your money you can enjoy your comfort

  • GUEST_PdyP2Mwae

    02-02 19:24:41

    get it ...if you can afford it...people even use their initials or names as plate numbers

  • uj2018

    02-02 16:49:56

    Na them them na

  • Ebukajp

    02-02 16:02:47

    that's the kind of thing you see in the zoo

  • GUEST_goOzoG6XE

    02-02 15:49:32

    In Nigeria anything goes.. This can never happen any where in the wotld

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