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Sorry Biafra; Igbos, Hausas, Yorubas, Ijaws, Fulanis And Others Need A United Nigeria (Opinion) | All Comments

2020-07-16 06:39:48
Nigeria, the largest black nation in the world has been having unity problem since after independence which one time led to a deadly civil war which took place in 1967 to 1970 spanning through 30 months. A part of the country has been agitating to cede and ...
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  • ObaniUkaegbu

    07-16 08:56:57

    please listen very carefully. I have only one question which no body has answered. No Nigerian governance has ever stopped this. A country where the Christian population are being killed every now and then particularly the Igbo's, been marginalized, genocided, nepotised, underrated, humiliated, oppressed, threatened, their girls, ladies and women raped and killed at the farms by the Fulani herdsmen and such things. How can they continue joining together if not seccession. We are tied of this marriage, grant us divorcement or is it a crime to divorce. We want to marry BIAFRA. BIAFRA should be our husband now; NOT Nigeria. God has given us BIAFRA no body should put assurnder. Any body against BIAFRA let such person suffer set back and wishing such person what ever he or she wish BIAFRA.

  • BadoHobson

    07-16 08:12:29

    But with Buhari kind of government where is Igbo origin ?I am not an Igbo but the truth must be saith

  • SylvesterEmechebe

    07-16 08:35:06

    this writer must be an Hausa man because they all are afraid of Biafra

  • AzubuikeOjiakia

    07-16 08:51:45

    Mr writer let me ask one Question bcos I know you Hausas were afraid of Biafra independent ,so those nations like Cotonue ,Togo ,etc are you the one feeding them ? So the best way to satle Nigerian problem s is separate all the group to go their own ways .

  • GUEST_oPrXlM7gy

    07-16 07:50:21

    Nothing like United Nigeria, and it can never work. Nigeria is zoo and animals in the zoo can't mingle with real human biafra is real human, and zoo is Niger area.

  • AbrahamOgbe

    07-16 11:06:52

    I stand with the Niger Delta republic we the Niger deltans are not part of any so called Biafra republic. the Igbos are selfish people who are jus trying to use our head

  • ChibykeHighest

    07-16 08:55:32

    biafra has come to stay no matter what

  • GUEST_oPrXlM7gy

    07-16 07:52:46

    I don't know why people waist their time talking about one Niger area are those people blind that they can't see? Biafra is near and close

  • ChimeeMobis

    07-16 08:14:38

    Mad people everywhere, when you talk about diversity, what did Bauchi contribute in Nigeria? or Kaduna state?. Point of corrections, Yoruba never have oil one day, u see that Ondo state u are talking about, that Ijaw part Obasanjo carved to Ondo belongs to BIAFRA which we shall fight for when BIAFRA comes. Don't forget that Israel is still fighting till today to recover all there stolen land and cities.

  • NdubuisiAni_02

    07-16 08:20:59


  • +234-803302****

    07-16 08:58:27

    A system where a particular ethnic group is leading in almost every govt parastatal

  • ekcaa

    07-16 08:05:15

    Foolish writer. Biafrans has moved on since.

  • +228-9009****

    07-16 17:25:43

    Sorry, notwithstanding what you or anyone would say, it becomes pertinent to understand that you have neither part nor inheritance in this matter and as a result neither you nor anyone can decide for a whole nation. We have been very articulated and explicit in our rejection of this forced marriage. If however you and your people are satisfied being in this damnable and horrible contraption of British enterprise then good for you. Again, you are at liberty to monopolise everything that comes with being in the contraption but leave BIAFRA out.

  • PaulArinzechukwuChukwuemeka

    07-16 16:58:24

    This is what the founding fathers have to say for you to know that nobody is a Nigerian. Those of you championing one Nigeria are daft to the core. So it is a white man that tells you your origin? Unbelievable.!!!

  • PaulmaryMbamalu

    07-16 08:16:46

    you are talking senseless, what have Nigeria population done their growth, Switzerland is having a population of 8.5 millions and they're the highest Economy in the world. Where is Nigeria position in Africa. ingrance is disturbing you

  • NnadedeMagnus

    07-16 08:16:05

    What do you mean by one Nigeria, and others have agreed. If Yorubas, Hausasetc want to stay in Nigeria as they are nigerians, nothing is bad with it, but we Easterners are going home to with our Nation, BIAFRA.

  • ErnestBrownOkorie

    07-16 08:10:56

    may God punish who ever wrote dis nonsense.

  • AbrahamOgbe

    07-16 11:04:52

    when the so called Biafra republic is finally actualize let me see how the greedy handicap Igbo people will careter for the needs of their citizens

  • +234-803352****

    07-16 08:38:16

    since 1960 after Nigeria independent, Nigeria has been having UNITY problem. am asking MUST WE BE ONE. why can't we go separate ways for PEACE to be because no system can work to unite us peacefully.


    07-16 08:37:59

    fulani zoo writers

  • IkukuNduNwokeOma

    07-16 08:37:38

    wow unto you nama

  • AdonnayMagi

    07-16 08:30:23

    The North has this, the South has that. To what good is that? If the north, south, east, and west were separate entities, one of them would have been able to take care of her people during the lockdown. We have to break up.

  • ClementNgene

    07-18 21:03:35

    United Nigeria with those boasting to kill and take over Nigeria. But why sorry Biafra as the heading? This is 21st century, if any tribe or sub nation in Nigeria should allow Fulani to diminish them as they did to the Hausa in the 19th century that is their own.

  • AnthonyEton

    07-18 15:21:04

    Having read through the write up and the responses in the comments section I noticed all the supposed sympathisers of Biafra non has a civil deposition , somebody must abuse, insult,call names even when the writer was civil and organized .Too bad.

  • GUEST_W0j23vv7G

    07-16 10:27:25

    only a fool will want one Nigeria while Nigeria is already OYO

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