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[OPINION] What Nigeria Government Should Do Instead Of Deploying Troops to Engage 'ESN' | All Comments

2021-02-20 15:09:23
It is obvious that Nigeria is suffering from insecurity.But as a matter of fact, a concerned person will never watch his people being killed without doing anything it takes to liberate them. ...
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  • ChuxLawrence_01

    02-21 12:09:34

    you missed the point. what about amotekun which constitution established it, what about hishba. All these are happening because it Igbo. But God is not asleep, He 'll not keep quiet for a long time.

  • GUEST_GWYqrzGpb

    02-23 09:17:57

    I can see second civil war looming.

  • GUEST_PpxKMqLzl

    02-21 21:30:26

    we will kill them Niggeria 🇳🇬 have never win anyw war before

  • AwaNjoku

    02-21 05:08:09

    Nigeria government have evil intentions against the igbos from the world go. Negotiating or not will not yield any dividend as far as their divide and rule system is concerned

  • RolandFolarin_01

    02-20 18:17:47

    your suggestions was totally wrong sir, reason being that the man that set up the ESN had proscribed. kanu had no moral or legal right to set up any security whatsoever. the ones in south west was created by the governor, established by law from all house of assemblies.

  • SaintMobi

    02-23 17:16:15

    more innocent souls already lost on the hands of the people pushing to dominate others

  • +234-0803079****

    02-22 00:16:44

    Is that in the picture the much told news about the first ESN made fighter jet. Oh how tiny! Though we know the fight going on engage is a minuscule type

  • +234-0708454****

    02-21 09:41:27

    Who is Kanu to FG for negotiation. where are the Governor's?

  • CyrilNjoku_01

    02-20 18:41:38

    The love of killing Igbo people will not allow them to negotiate.

  • MumuniAlhassan_04

    02-20 18:17:56

    Mr scared 419 you no nothing.

  • +234-803092****

    02-20 18:58:11

    So fulani killing is constitutional, cant you see?

  • GUEST_ov63JeqPN

    02-20 17:42:56

    Is Hope Uzodinma a Constitutional Governor?

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