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5 Countries With The Highest Number Of Prostitutes In The World(Photos) | All Comments

2021-02-06 16:29:21
Sometimes called "the oldest profession," prostitution is known by many names, from streetwalkers and brothels, to sophisticated call-girl or escort services.However, whatever name it goes by, prostitution is legal or illegal in most countries. ...
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    02-07 03:51:59

    Writer God go punish you for calling 9ja the 5th

  • +234-803313****

    02-06 21:38:48

    Senseless compilation. Why add Nigeria here, while leaving out countries like: USA and India?

  • IsraelJohn_09

    02-07 06:15:11

    What about Italy

  • RockSolid

    02-07 06:08:26

    What of Italy and South Africa?

  • BisiriyuBello

    02-07 06:47:27

    I totally disagree with the writer.Nigeria can not even be among the first 100th in the world.

  • D-YounG

    02-06 20:29:47

    I thought u won't mention Nigeria but not supposed to be last to mentioned but first


    02-07 07:53:09

    Italy is no 1 yet u didn't mention India, Ghana and so on why Nigeria pls stop that rubbish

  • GUEST_4RnzddB9O

    02-07 07:12:26

    I surprise not to measure a country like Italy which is the number one

  • GUEST_keXRNpW90

    02-07 07:05:53

    What about, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, Britain, United States of America, South Africa, Ethiopia. The writer of this article should be taken for psychiatrist evaluation.

  • BlessedEmmy1

    02-08 10:55:12

    I need the head of this writer

  • Sunnyadex77

    02-07 11:11:10

    Your compilation is not correct as you exclude Italy, South Africa etc.

  • flavouribhawa

    02-07 10:58:59


  • +234-703136****

    02-07 10:29:42

    Nigeria is number 101.

  • GUEST_rWwlMM6kV

    02-07 10:23:31

    what have Nigeria do to you take time

  • AbubakarSuleGaru

    02-07 07:51:42

    no Nigeria...


    02-07 06:55:08

    I hope this writer have travel out of this , country ,wat of Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Italy, in Africa , chana and sat

  • AbubakarAbdallah_08

    02-06 22:13:51

    no more words in this one,coz right from the Genesis, Satan existed, according to the revelation, there's hell and paradise for who so ever wanted either of the two...

  • GUEST_Ej9RmRAl7

    02-18 19:59:39

    Emeka ofo now is in charge of light who is fooling who here. where in this world an indigen own light

  • GUEST_gAz12yqdx

    02-16 12:16:03

    the writer is very much correct, go round Lagos, at night and see the gospel truth in fact Nigeria is number 3.but I want to remind the writer about Brazil, they supposed to be number one or two.maybe he has not been to Brazil.


    02-11 07:58:10

    Nigeria is worst because of unemployment to youths so I don't think that i will blame them

  • AniokeMmesoma

    02-10 13:55:04

    Why niger

  • GUEST_97Y9lYm5P

    02-08 09:24:30

    equatorial guinea.

  • GUEST_g3nloLbx4

    02-07 17:18:50

    Yes, I think Nigeria deserved that position, due today the freedom gotten from their parents. Mostly Southern part of the country!

  • GUEST_O9ywz71Ga

    02-07 16:26:02


  • GUEST_eroxK0OGP

    02-07 16:16:11

    Ghana nko?

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