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“I slept with 10 men as part of the initiation process”, Female suspect says. | All Comments

2020-07-16 22:22:10
CP Johnson Babatunde Kokumo pictured above Two female suspect identified as Blessing David and Ada Emeka were arrested for cult related activities was paraded today by Officers of Edo State Police Command for cult related crimes. Blessing, a 19 year old fe ...
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  • Akaniyeneekereobong

    07-17 03:53:10

    And latter in life you'll go wanting to settle with a human being (MAN) as husband when you have sold your body and soul to a DEMON and at the least provocation you call your cult members to eliminate your husband and you go back to were you rightly belong the dark kingdom,may GOD REDEEM YOU.

  • AkinlabiAlaba

    07-17 01:23:30

    now, repent and believe d gospel so that d time of refreshment will come

  • AdesonaMathew

    07-17 03:12:45

    Chai the life of those men don't spoil

  • GUEST_e7PvaNR7Y

    07-27 08:52:39

    Records are always set and broken by Nigerians.

  • +234-812366****

    07-18 07:10:07

    Those 10 men, is it as set or at interval till 10 acts

  • +234-0803329****

    07-17 07:30:30

    tomorrow some fools will marry them as wife's

  • ChrisGodwin_01

    07-17 06:17:40

    Clap for yourself


    07-17 04:59:05

    both of them nah whOooooooooo 10 men why not 20..... please they should come over to my place to be continued

  • GUEST_QyrQ54Y14

    07-17 04:49:54

    if you are among the 10, and you are reading this thing,oya step out for deliverance ,time is no longer on your side

  • #LekkiGenocide20/10/20

    07-17 04:46:51

    sensless girls, i hope she catch HIV through her stupid cultism

  • +234-803332****

    07-17 02:18:43

    1O men...wia you keep brain?

  • Bayodiran

    07-17 01:50:13

    cultism is deadly than Corona virus, so for the member to has a peaceful end the best thing is to renounce the group

  • Horsefield

    07-17 01:36:25

    slept with 10 men before being admitted into the cult. congratulations you just got HIV.

  • ADAJesusRose

    07-17 00:53:50

    evidence of stupidity

  • OkpehPeter

    07-17 00:43:15

    God help us Nigeria, can they tell world if by making love to almost 10 seperate persons or morethan to become a member of a court group. can they be ask , what is the significant? beside all those involved in the act be arrested for rape as well, and face the penalty

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