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I asked my friend to borrow me 150k for house rent, she refused but bought 'bone straight' of 120k -Lady Narrates | All Comments

2021-02-20 08:52:15
A lady identified as Horlamide has shared her ordeal after she asked her friend to help with one hundred and fifty thousand to pay her house rent.The lady who is her friend refused to borrow her. ...
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  • Kairitu

    02-20 10:51:37

    One has a right to her money, she can decide to give or not to. Most times borrowing money from friends is not the best thing, it never ends well.

  • +234-0814415****

    02-20 10:53:05

    go get a better job.

  • balarabeshehu

    02-20 11:52:37

    truth is bitter but better .what have u being doing for one year knowingly that when it end u are going pay for another year ,just think of it . my advice to you develop culture of saving and culture of spending.

  • PromiseOkwudiriIkechukwu

    02-20 10:26:46

    is she making her money for ya rent?

  • chichiGeorge

    02-20 10:56:40

    It is not your money...

  • Paddie_13

    02-20 16:46:10

    Take heart baby na so life be

  • Papaed

    02-20 12:56:48

    Don't have a boyfriend??? or the stingy men association is also over there???

  • UshieDominic

    02-21 14:30:41

    Some persons are born to find fault.How could you rent such an expensive apartment knowing well you can't afford it.Fake life everywhere!!!

  • FrankiePayne_01

    02-20 20:23:31

    "Double your hustle girlie'o" that's the message she's passing to you. She worked hard for the money

  • GUEST_DjgplojOK

    02-20 12:18:29

    She has the Right to lend or not. U might find that she is sure that the borrower has problems paying back

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