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Love Is Blind, See Wedding Photos Of Beautiful Nigerian Bride & Old White Lover That Surfaced Online | All Comments

2021-02-02 13:19:00
Many people have different definitions when it comes to love. Some say it is blind while others resent and says it's all seeing. However we have seen love stories that support the notion that love is blind and innocent, it doesn't see, judge nor select. We ...
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  • GUEST_j94kydByq

    02-02 18:33:35

    If the man will make her happy fine

  • LinusOmoka

    02-03 08:56:50

    carryyon jor

  • DrVoweroOtomewo-Oriakhi

    02-02 16:54:46

    Lord have mercy !!! See what poverty can do..... oooh !!!!!


    02-02 15:52:44

    love has no age limited.


    02-05 14:57:06

    na love of money

  • GUEST_BkY2w6B4g

    02-03 09:18:12

    She is old enough to make her decisions

  • JonsAlabi

    02-03 00:58:10

    whom so ever she marries let love lead

  • GUEST_av6PVe5gG

    02-02 21:43:52

    see Regina and Ned nwoko

  • Lalas_Blog

    02-02 16:19:58

    Love is blind really

  • Blacklotus

    02-02 15:55:40

    Na money no be love.

  • EzeaGodwin

    02-02 18:49:40

    As far as he is a white man there is no problem

  • GUEST_OnY4rvJJ8

    02-03 10:57:51

    Congrats dear

  • AnthonyIKeri

    02-03 08:06:40

    cute couple,love conquers all

  • +234-818889****

    02-02 20:31:44

    kwashiorkor people

  • EdohVero

    02-02 18:26:11

    our daughter these days are taking a big risk because of money which is very bad .l know is her choice but he is too older than her

  • GUEST_Okgwv7Lrn

    02-02 17:20:47

    abeg leave those people make dem live their life carry on my dear congrat

  • Justice4all

    02-02 16:56:53

    This is typically, Love is money, nothing like'love is blind' here, blind fire!!!

  • GUEST_8oZyMrKae

    02-02 16:15:16

    Love na really blind object abi wetin

  • TichopCelestine

    02-03 10:40:56

    who told you love is blind? if you have the "eyes" she she has then you will discover that love is not blind. she has seen something else

  • Medina4love

    02-03 09:32:52

    we smart for this country baje.....she know say na she go inherit the man last last

  • GUEST_jxJwGeRbQ

    02-03 00:31:20

    wow, this their White man wedding that's going on in Nigeria now when time rich their will see it,someone we go nd his grandfather nd marry him...Naji girl's u na d try ooooo

  • EdoreUwaze

    02-02 21:02:43

    congratulations my dear

  • JusticeAdams

    02-02 20:32:07

    Talk na, me, i know you.

  • GraceCrown

    02-02 19:03:13

    some of una wey dey condemn, if una see the one wey old pas am una go grab with two hands

  • Abiolalebi

    02-02 18:08:35

    love no blind o Na money we de Love now

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