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Hours After Buhari Appoints Ex-Service Chiefs As Ambassadors, Aisha Yusufu Gives Reasons For It | All Comments

2021-02-04 17:36:59
Hours After Buhari Appoints Ex-Service Chiefs As Ambassadors, Aisha Yusufu Gives Reasons For It Aisha Yusufu, the human right activist and convener of Bring Back Our Girls have been a critic of President Mohammadu Buhari administration for over a long time ...
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  • GUEST_QGMG7nn7z

    02-05 09:31:15

    I tell you there is a secret that these ex service chiefs know about bihari and boko haram that gave them a hold on buhari that made it difficult for him to do away with them ,this is just a plea bargain for their uneasy sack.

  • Rem01

    02-05 07:26:14

    I believe there is a secret between Aso rock and these sack Service Chiefs which Aso rock is badly afraid of its exposure


    02-04 19:15:19

    we in the north have seen there best and we are always sending our appreciations

  • kayodesamuel_02

    02-04 19:25:45

    I am sorry for my country

  • NelsonNelscoEvangel

    02-04 19:41:17

    Criminals are ruling us...

  • PabloZaniola

    02-05 04:36:37

    is obvious that the president and ex-service chiefs knows all about the insecurity in the country and Nigerians will be busy laying thunder of insult to their security men.


    02-05 00:59:41

    The next appointment goes to Abubakar Shekau. Both late and Mohammadu Buhari are terrorists

  • EdgalNiggam

    02-04 22:55:16

    There is a massive uneployment in Nigeria yet those that were serving since 1985 are the ones in power today. Where will the opportunity for those born in 1985 Come from???

  • TimHey

    02-04 22:36:12

    Criminals as ambassadors wonder which countries will accept their credentials just watch and see their disgrace

  • Nacxious_02

    02-04 22:03:15

    The appointment of the Ex service chief is a welcome development did you know why? When they were first appointed things were not as good as now. If you look at it seriously if they solve this problem another one comes up because there are some people here in the north and south who have teamed up against the nation as a whole sponsored by other countries. You all know them, then why crying and making noise? Stop them if you are good a Nigerians .

  • VincentUzoho_01

    02-04 19:27:27

    Overnight brief case carrying activist and bandwagon social media tigers! By the the way, who is Aisha Yusufu?

  • luckyodede

    02-05 18:22:03

    It's getting clearer by the day, some secret is about to unfold to us Nigerians. Wait just a hit

  • GUEST_YPRq7a5E4

    02-05 09:00:11

    It will end one day. No escape.

  • Anukaifufe

    02-04 22:14:28

    Buhari if still alive would have pains enough...I doubt if he would survive more than a month when he leaves that office

  • +234-802622****

    02-04 21:53:28

    me I don't understand this country any more. the constitution is upside down. is all because we don't have a living President. I don't known why there is still Nigeria. can't we find our tent oh Nigeria.

  • +234-0703124****

    02-04 21:06:27

    Aisha Aisha how many times I called you not everything eyes see mouth de talk


    02-04 19:20:57

    It a whole truth and nothing but the truth. Why even requesting Senate to treat the request with urgency. It is unfortunate.


    02-04 20:31:06

    Is true that Buhari appointed the ex service chiefs as ambassadors? then it is true that the person in also rock is cloned and the ex service chiefs are part of the conspiracy

  • +234-803215****

    02-05 14:58:07

    After 2023, Buhari and his ex- service chiefs will still face the ICC in Hague. Monkeys government APC

  • +234-0803743****

    02-05 05:25:24

    bitter Truth

  • P.O.A

    02-05 00:33:38

    you're very correct, so that their years of atrocities again Nigeria and it's citizens can not be questioned before any court be it home or abroad. or come to think of it, even if your brother is the president and you're one of the service chiefs, you deserve at least 3 months to rest and put yourself together before being given any appointment. and this brings us to fact that there is a very big secret between those service chiefs and those pseudo running Aso rock that was why it took long to sack them, and the ambasadorial appointment was the what they agreed upon before accepting to leave the defence sit.

  • EvansEkwuemeNjoku

    02-04 23:22:00

    something we don't know must be going on between the president and the retired service chiefs.First it was his refusal to sack them in the face of their failure to provide security to Nigerians,even when well meaning Nigerians including members of national assembly insisted on their removal. Now it is compensating them with ambassadorial appointments when they left as service chiefs. the entire drama looks suspicious.

  • stellaapapa

    02-04 23:12:43

    The day of judgement is near, who the gods love......,I am speechless

  • Jackdo

    02-04 22:53:52

    All this is in the bid to perpetually keep secret the cloning conspiracy. The doubting Thomases and the blind bathemauses what more evidence did you still need??

  • AbelPaul_01

    02-04 22:40:26

    I concur with what Aisha said and that's the truth

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