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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome reveals the difference between Demons and Fallen Angels | All Comments

2021-02-02 20:00:44
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome reveals the difference between Demons and Fallen Angels People ask me whether fallen angels are different from evil spirits? Are they the same or they are different? Fallen angels have two groups according to the scripture. The firs ...
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  • DanRai

    02-02 21:57:14

    this teaching is from the pit of hell we do not have any two types of falling angles

  • +234-806887****

    02-03 10:15:23

    Teaching of pst Chris is not always believed by most Christians until few years latter a man who is ahead of his generation always be like that. Time will tell who is right or wrong. ride on pastor.

  • AdemolaAbel

    02-02 22:14:10

    fallen angels are fallen angels. Demons were not created different from them. Their celestial hierarchy determines the roles they play after the fall, either as demonic emmissaries, thrones, powers, principalities. They are localized at different places: airs, water mass etc. Witches and Wizards, Mystics, Occultists, false religions etc., are under their supervisions and control; depending on hierarchy.

  • GUEST_qZvegaVy3

    02-03 15:23:17

    You are very correct sir.

  • NelsonNelscoEvangel

    02-03 09:19:05

    The man of God is correct...i ll show you the scriptures that explains these in da Bible...

  • CstormThunder

    02-03 06:15:40

    which one is he?

  • LearnToLoveAgain

    02-03 11:28:03

    the angels have bodies and they don't get disembodied when they are here. Demons are disembodied spirits seeking bodies. They're less intelligent and they are upon the surface of the earth. Satan still has his body and so are the other fallen angels who constitute principalities

  • Usman2719

    02-03 07:53:09

    They are all the same. They are of the same father, Lucifer, and have one objective, to do their masters bidding.

  • +234-0803335****

    02-03 01:22:16


  • NnamdiUdeozo

    02-02 22:12:54

    wow, that's awesome.

  • GUEST_759WO76WN

    02-02 23:32:34

    Very wrong teaching. the only spirit allowed to stay on earth is the spirit with physical bodies and it is only humans that God gave such privilege. and God gave a law let them dominate the earth. so for God to do anything on earth he needs a body to come on earth. that was the reason why he prepared a body in Jesus yo access the earth and conquer sin in the body and gave us victory over sin before sending the holy spirit to now dwell in us as our comforter teacher. so the same way too Lucifer know this too. that's why when he fell his name changed to Satan, devil or accuser of brethren. so for him to operate on earth he also need to possess man. so that is why Paul said yield not your body as an instrument of sin to the devil

  • CstormThunder

    02-03 06:16:25

    one day... Christians will discover how much they have been scammed by these so called pastors

  • +234-0803507****

    02-02 22:44:46

    Who is their Father?What are their activities to mankind?Why are they under chains?How does,a believer defend himself against them?

  • VincentOdeh

    02-03 14:19:21

    those making negative comment about this teaching are the real demons.

  • OmobhudeJohnson

    02-03 08:53:47

    Very educative and straight to the point.

  • OfonmbukSampson_01

    02-02 23:40:31

    They are spirits and don't have bodies like humans as such they do not loss their bodies. Yes fallen angels are two falls

  • +233-24528****

    02-03 11:06:20

    ask God to open your eyes of understanding, those of you who think Pastor is wrong. make research.

  • MandlaZikode

    02-03 10:27:40

    he must start to clean his demons of cheating first before he says something about angels and demons

  • MandlaZikode

    02-03 10:26:10

    he fornicated


    02-03 09:24:25

    But you did not touch that one of Demon.Why we don't have giant the off spring of Angels right now.The problem with Africa is that you like the Bible too much such that you even believe in false hood

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