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Angela Nwosu Upload a Video of Their Newly Beautiful Mansion, See Photos And her Fans Reactions | All Comments

2020-07-20 03:21:12
Angela Nwosu's house gave me a thrill when I watched the video on her page at the time she posted it. Do you know what? when something thrills you, it gives you a sudden feeling of great excitement, the in and out of her house/interiors as I watched it on ...
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  • PeterAugustine_04

    07-20 08:55:52

    Quite sure money is good but it doesn't worth our soul. When you trade your soul to the devil then you have surrendered your eternity to the devil ....it's a crappy deal

  • +234-0813778****

    07-20 09:58:25

    If she was a servant of God, this lost world would have screamed to high heavens that worshippers are living in rented houses while she gathers their money to build a mansion. But they won't say it, because the spirit that instigates this attacks on church leaders is the master of this "Mamalawo".

  • Chummy22

    07-20 05:33:24

    enjoy your wealth but it ends here on earth

  • Joycepweety

    07-20 06:28:14

    congratulations I and my husband tap the miracle

  • emmidon

    07-20 16:09:54

    vanity upon vanity. devil offers with right hand but collect with left hand

  • UcheUdeozor

    07-20 08:36:57

    Hahaha this is Dubai oooo

  • Nochampionforever.

    07-20 17:02:50

    Angie, congratulations

  • +234-706802****

    07-20 09:15:02

    am happy for the good be ye ritual or juju,u have have make it,more blessings and heaven at last congrat dear

  • rahmaabdulmalik

    07-20 13:38:51


  • okoyeHarrison

    07-20 13:24:45

    foolish woman, I thought u will live inside water/slum, as per mammy water wey u claimed that u're.

  • +234-706563****

    07-20 09:37:34

    wow...God is wonderful...am happy for u ooo...I know God will do same for me..Amenn

  • EhigiatorNosa_01

    07-20 05:04:45

    dis ogbanje wrk don pass normal... u sure say dis babe nor do ritual join? hahahahahahaha

  • AlexChigozie_01

    07-22 05:29:23

    congratulations dear love you

  • GUEST_Nd85rd2yj

    07-21 22:25:06

    I thought she said she is a witch....Witch dey glorified God...?

  • +234-901924****

    07-21 18:11:16

    Congratulations mami soundmind

  • +234-803088****

    07-21 16:42:52

    Congratulations to the Soundminds

  • +234-816751****

    07-21 16:19:07

    dis beautiful

  • PrinceEdwardVanP

    07-21 12:27:46

    how come in the world again, I thought it was in hell

  • Giftjoy

    07-21 11:42:36

    Congratulations Angie and soundmind. money is good

  • GUEST_ZWjyMvGxr

    07-21 11:36:30

    Earthly things, work on your heavenly things where your soul will spend eternity or hell

  • +234-807171****

    07-21 07:04:41

    You can't beat Nigerians celebrating scam artist parading as traditionalist

  • goldestella.

    07-20 15:07:45

    I can see Dubai & Nigerian here o

  • rahmaabdulmalik

    07-20 13:39:43

    Nigerians u r easily fooled 🙂

  • SamUche_03

    07-20 13:18:34

    God is Able to do it

  • SamUche_03

    07-20 13:11:57

    Very nice can i ask you one thing 50k to go to check up to hospital please

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