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Our soldiers are dying needlessly–Nigerians reacts as 18 Soldiers Were killed By Bandits In Kastina | All Comments

2020-07-19 19:30:16
Report coming in from katsina is that about 18 members of the Nigeria Army were killed during an ambush by some armed bandits. According to the information made available by SaharaReporters, the dead soldiers who were on duty in the Operation Sahel Sanity ...
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  • MosesyBenard

    07-20 07:48:28

    Nigerians I am among the soldiers that fought the very day this incident happened I want u all to know that our soldiers fought hard for hours is just that the bandit are hiding inside the rocks our guys has paid the supreme price we are grief over our lost colleague but we must avenge their death we promise

  • GUEST_rjmZ7Qdlx

    07-22 14:30:55

    moses your officers are wicked

  • +234-706955****

    07-21 10:33:23


  • DavidolaOlugbenga

    07-21 09:52:52

    brutai is a very wicked person

  • PrinceObinna_17

    07-21 00:12:54

    RIP, but This Soilders don't look like northerners to me, and I hv never heard of "BANDITS" in Nigeria until Buhari came on board. This is just a northern agenda just like boko haram. " A fight against boko haram is a fight against the north". Who is sporsoring all this let them be exposed, IJN, amen Nigerians are dying. The northern solders should be the once paying the ultimate price here and not vice versa.

  • AmakaOgbuewu

    07-20 10:26:25

    Rip Sir

  • LarryRuthless_

    07-20 09:03:58

    Have you forgotten those high numbers of soldier's that lost their life during the Liberia war that's how the army runs they will tell you casualty is allowed ,

  • JusticeMarin

    07-20 07:57:32

    nah lie nah 52solders die ammy now said nah 18 army talk true

  • +234-803653****

    07-20 07:57:12

    may God of this land exposed those behind this unwanted killings and mean the souls os The gallant men rest in peace

  • FridayBullTimiebi

    07-20 07:46:20


  • RejoiceJoseph_01

    07-20 07:35:25

    Resign now.

  • naijawillbegreatagain

    07-20 05:58:39

    what you sow is what you reap, they sowed this six years back and it is time for harvesting.. they should live with it...I pity our young soldier's paying the price of our worthless politicians...

  • MasoyiStephen

    07-20 04:43:26

    good is at work

  • +234-803339****

    07-20 01:11:24

    Buhari deserves 3rd term. One Nigeria

  • +234-803772****

    07-20 01:00:48

    excellent write up


    07-20 00:53:11

    They need sophisticated weapons

  • MovoriaHenry

    07-20 00:29:51

    Oh my God! Again? why ? why is this country like this? why is Buhari and Buratai killing these handsome young guys like this? what will it take the airforce to destroy sambisa forest, and other thick forest across the nation . Is there any hiding agenda? or Buratai thought that after killing all the SW, SS and SE army he will now ask his boys to take over Nigeria, he fail because the sand and the leaves in the bush will turn to army and fight back.

  • Bobby059

    07-19 23:56:36

    let all the southern army resign now if not buhari will finished them, that is the plan.

  • 08060

    07-19 23:50:14

    Majority of the soldiers are Christian that is been killed and the Agenda of the Federal government is to islamize Nigeria.

  • AdewaleAdetokunbo_01

    07-19 23:38:14

    Nigeria is the worst place in the world to live as animals human being , it's totally not safe at all.... Nigerians should not vote again

  • AdewaleAdetokunbo_01

    07-19 23:36:58

    Nigeria need total sanity...... our leaders are religion bigots

  • AdewaleAdetokunbo_01

    07-19 23:36:24

    Nigeria politicians are nothing but terrorists, killing Nigerians systmematically on daily basis, Nigerians need to take up arms and face the govt.... kill them all..... we need to declare full scale war against these bastardy called politicians......

  • ArubayiTemabo_01

    07-19 23:31:10

    Do the president cares?


    07-19 23:03:48

    This is how sad it has become

  • GoldenAre

    07-19 21:30:20

    Buratai deliberately killed them because they should be measure taken by the authority before going to war, every battalion should have drone for spy before moving, Buratai should be sack

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