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After A Northern Senator Said Sunday Igboho Should Drive Boko Haram Away, See What A Northerner Said | All Comments

2021-02-02 19:03:02
Shortly after a popular yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho arrived Ogun state to drive out out criminal herdsmen, a Northern senator mentioned his name in a post hours ago, asking him to come and drive Boko Haram away from Sambisa forest. This attracted a repl ...
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  • NwachiRayPeculiar

    02-02 21:08:10

    we give Fulani herdsmen sambisa forest as their inheritance since they are looking for lands, bushes, rivers and forests to steal and possess

  • GUEST_O38Xbzkg8

    02-02 22:52:06

    For goodness sake why can't we be sincere to ourself.This Fulani Kidnappers,Rape innocent helpless people, farmers on their farmland.To mention but few all at Gun point with sophisticated machine Guns.where did they get those weapons they are carrying?I will rather conclude that they are doing what they are sent to do.

  • IsraelTimilehin

    02-02 22:50:48

    if the northerners really wanted to put an end to the activities of Boko Haram and bandits they should cooperate with Sunday lgboho and other Yoruba warriors, for what is going on in the north is machadising criminality.

  • MosesMoses_48

    02-02 21:57:55

    If at all you didn't educate enough but your travels from one country to another and from one state to states should give you enough knowledge to think before u act on anything. Wetin concerns agbero with over load. A fool will never know that life is black. God bless you Igboho

  • BakyilZakka

    02-02 21:04:08

    when you boast that adeyemo can not face Boko Haram or katsina bandits then we know who own Boko Haram and the bandits

  • KheindheAdheoyhe

    02-03 08:05:00

    who told you Fulani's are innocent ,defenceless, peaceful they are the most dangerous ,armed and people that disturbed the peace of the country and also attack the Innocent and peaceful people ,when they were kidnapped people ,killed,and raping people none of you talk then when sunday now begin to retaliate you are now shouting yeye people.

  • GUEST_z653KopDY

    02-03 00:28:43

    The northern senetor who invited Igboho to sambisa forest should have invited the Fulani to the forest if he is not a sponsored and a beneficiary of the Fulani terrorism. If we are to speak as humans, where is it more suitable for cows to grace? is it in people farms or in the forest? Senator, stand up against evil doers and their evils, don't support it as if you are benefiting from it.

  • ChigozieEdeh_01

    02-02 21:13:53


  • GUEST_j2WdMY3zo

    02-02 22:31:49

    how on Earth should some one not defend his house instead tend to defend some ones own, not possible Sunday is defending his Yoruba territory, and so sani should do otherwise to his hausa land by expelling Boko Haram.

  • GUEST_GVw85kga1

    02-02 21:47:20

    He say a word and its happening immediately.. he command and objects and charms appear.. he can control bee to chase millions of people away....wow....Jesus of Yoruba land....IGBOHO NATION

  • kalita

    02-03 09:14:53

    I am surprised at the Senator's statement.What are the Nigerian military paid for to do?Igboho is a civilian. How do you expect him to go to sambisa?Is sambisa his territory.He cannot tolerate the impunity of the fulanis and did what he had to do to save his people.If you are tired of the killings in the North,let a Northern Igboho rise up to the occasion and do the needful.And to the Northern fulani guy that said Igboho is only killing the innocent fulanis,I expect you to cover your face in shame .Yorubas don't act as irrational fulanis do.We think and find the facts before we act.He is dealing with the criminals and not the innocent ones that are living peacefully in Oyo State.From your comment it shows how evil minded you are and how proud you are of your killer kinsmen on how they cause destruction and despair to innocent people.Sunday Igboho may God continue to support and back you until you see the end of your enemies and that of the South West and the same to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.


    02-03 07:45:39

    The north and the south are not one. we re just deceiving ourselves

  • Karo

    02-02 22:50:47

    He is after the safety of his people he is not after another man's lands he has made it very clear.

  • Chinnyzion

    02-02 22:42:31

    Sunday is fighting for his land, so the Fulani's should fight boko in their own Land .. And stop disturbing Us

  • GUEST_lwOgKdkrJ

    02-03 10:25:44

    I don't use to support Mr. Sani but on this I support him. if truly Sunday has gets, he should go to sambisa forest because Yoruba are also affected by boko haram

  • +234-811750****

    02-03 13:19:30

    so all what the north have to contribute to Nigeria is just problem , killing kidnapping rape and they are proud about it ,in my own view I no Boko Haram is northerners business but please don't extend it to any part of the south and you Sunday is not the north for that he can't fight you people , northerners need blood everywhere but continue it only in your place

  • GUEST_Zy4g7bQ76

    02-03 13:09:11

    The above tweets from the 2 Northerners show that they are not ready to put and end to the problems in that region.

  • GUEST_3GNy3KrxK

    02-03 10:43:10

    Boko Haram is North problem let the Katsina bandits face Book Haram. leave us to safeguard our territory

  • EmmanuelEzenwa_04

    02-03 09:43:19

    This his Nickname Igboho has something behind it. "Igbo" and ho. Just thinking..

  • InnocentEkwebelem

    02-03 08:31:34

    even if he can,he will not face Boko Haram, let Boko Haram kill you as are supporting bad things

  • AdeyeyeBolarinwaJones

    02-03 07:40:55

    People with your mindset created the Bokoharam. So you don't see reasons why the Southerners should defend themselves? You are fast losing the respect people have for you. Didirin!

  • FlorenceEdeh

    02-03 07:40:24


  • SteveEnyinna

    02-03 04:50:07

    so u no kastina bendits ur coliys

  • GUEST_YkezbBk4o

    02-03 03:05:14

    The hisba are supposed to drive boko haram and the killer herders from the north, just as Sunday ighodo in the West and the eastern security network in the east are doing so that at the end the whole nation will be safe


    02-02 23:34:30

    The northerners created Boko haram within Themselves so they should solve it within themselves too.

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