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"I Am A Christian But My Girlfriend is Muslim, Now She is Asking Me To Convert to Islam..." Man Says | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:16:30
The need to write this article came after I stumbled upon a post on Facebook, made by a young Christian man. I was about to continue scrolling down, but the post caught my attention and so, I decided to give it a fraction of my time so as to read it. See t ...
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  • JejelowoOluwafemi

    02-02 17:44:08

    No problem, convert you know what your end will be. The leader said he does not know what God will with him on the judgement day. Go for it. You end is determined already. You want to go HELL because of that under the skirt. Go

  • Dido84

    02-02 18:00:10

    Convert to Islam because of a woman ? in this generation that Men are scarce and women grabbing every opportunity at their disposal ?

  • GUEST_xZbEL0y3y

    02-02 17:57:01

    be careful lest you trade your life and your heaven with a morsel like Esau.He wept to recover it back but was impossible.your salvation should be paramount to you than a mortal

  • LafiaTanimu

    02-03 09:47:54

    good one my brother

  • AdewoyeIsaiah

    02-02 18:30:48

    Why can't u convert her to Christainity?.it means u are not a real man. why must u because of love lose ur soul, definitely if she is from ifa worshiper,u will also convert to an idol worshiper because of love or lady... Be strong in ur faith and religion.. Don't lose ur soul because of human.... God bless u.

  • GUEST_pza04ML3V

    02-02 18:18:55

    Mr veek u are an idiot in d whole world how a woman ask you to convert to her on religion.with ur right senses of reasons while can't she convert to Christianity if truely she also loves you from the button of her heart and let me ask this question again does she the only woman in your place and Nigerian entirely.infact you are a stupid some body to bring this kind of questions faword on social media.

  • Quest5ZY

    02-02 16:58:47

    Oh boy, don't try it, otherwise you will be terrorist someday. Or, marry and take her to Christ Jesus where your and her souls are sure of eternal life in Heaven as both adhered to Christ Jesus teachings .


    02-02 19:46:20

    aka, love jihad😍😍😍😍

  • GUEST_KX3EJr2dm

    02-02 18:11:39

    lf you are a fool then convert

  • PrinceGoddayPlayandlaughOseghale

    02-02 17:45:54

    Ready to go to hell!

  • JacobAlkali_02

    02-02 18:50:33

    If truly she loves you and wants you to marry her she should convert to Christian and you marry her because you're the one that wants to be the husband not she

  • GUEST_YbW4oEzag

    02-02 20:25:20

    what is your conviction as a Christian what encounter have you with the Lord JESUS

  • JusticeAsiegbu

    02-02 18:17:52

    If I were in his shoes I would convert to Christian

  • EmekaAghadi

    02-02 17:23:29


  • +234-0806744****

    02-02 17:02:09

    Tell her to read Jonh 8 12 to 14

  • SarafaAdelajaJimoh

    02-03 18:31:07

    Go ahead.....Islam is the light but I will advice you to learn about Islam....read the Quran-English translated. Do your own religion contemporary analysis.....and pray to God for guidance. Definitely, He will help u make right decision!

  • silentteacher

    02-02 19:35:27

    she's a fake Muslim

  • GUEST_xZbEL0y3y

    02-02 17:50:26

    if your soul, salvation and heaven is important to you, you will not trade any for something that has no assurance.when you deny Christ (your salvation). how are you sure she loves you because a true love is without condition.do not fall prey to Satanic request.when you enter into the trap she will demand for something that may cost you your life.Be careful

  • it'sallright

    02-02 17:40:08

    convert! nawa for u oooo. love can be something but your faith is more than something.

  • Sams01

    02-02 18:22:50

    Just forget about her. A woman follows a man and not the revers. She can be saved through you, but you can go to hell because of her

  • saintlyJohnson

    02-02 17:20:54

    Lol. well, I'm also almost in the same shoe with you. but her father is a Christian (converted one). although we have been dating since 2014, but we have broke up like 2 times but reconciled and we are together since last year January. it seems we are now in love more than before. she has been telling me about her religion since and still insisting till today despite the fact that her dad is a Christian.

  • kaarìgani?

    02-02 18:37:55

    how can you leave the assurance of salvation and go where they know not their fate.

  • MwendwaMuli

    02-02 18:28:39

    don't sacrifice your self to devil

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