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Today's Headlines: Suspected Bandits Strike Again, Governor Nyesom Wike Speaks Again And Others. | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:26:23
Today's Headlines: Suspected Bandits Strike Again, Governor Nyesom Wike Speaks Again And Others. Lai Mohammed Speaks Again Lai Mohammed, minister of information and culture, says those calling for the trial of the ex-service chiefs by the International Cri ...
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  • MuhammedSanusiTahir

    02-02 17:59:45

    Kidnapping for ransom started with oil workers in the South South States and South East States. The herders and wonderers learned the habits quickly and went back home to practice it with their northern brothers. Bad habits are like bushfires. It spreads fast and rapidly. Only prayers to the Omnipresent and Omniscient God will help us overcome the incidence quickly and permanently.


    02-03 08:47:36

    by God willing one day Fulani's would take this responsibility. soon. If government can't do anything.

  • GUEST_g5MdWmeY6

    02-03 11:48:26

    Fulani herdsmen are the people who are responsible for kidnapping and killing going on in the country

  • RachealGinika

    02-03 10:13:18

    Whether they are the one or not they must be accused,them too should respect themselves

  • +234-0802683****

    02-02 18:49:23

    Fulani Herdsmen are fools

  • DEmemandu

    02-05 09:43:27

    Now that they're named as ambassadors it will be easier to arrest them internationally where they refuse to honour ICC invitation.

  • BarnabasNdimele_02

    02-03 14:47:39

    Fulani they are evil, all good people of Nigeria should come to denounce those who take side's Fulani herds


    02-03 06:14:09

    What is this one saying except lies?

  • UregbulemAugustus

    02-02 22:15:35

    If not only God , no man born of woman will have control of any position on earth forever. Buratai , where ever you may be, you evils must pursue you into your grave, & your generations must pay for all you have committed.

  • YahayaAliyu_28

    02-05 09:55:49

    don't mind them, they're hausa fulani haters, as a citizen I do travel from one part to another , unlike southern and eastern part I see nothing like planting , farming unless dens bush no means of plans, it's only part of northern Nigeria u can see crops abundantly to the extent that they can't chops along they have to distribute to others part so that they can get it , I see no reason why blaming herders killing, kidnapping dustruction of farm by fulani, haters mind you do not blame or start what you can not finished, you have all ready spoiled generation by letting them possession weaponry, please don't blame any body but youself, don't you know you have all ready endernger your youth group by letting them possession of guns.

  • JamesAtiku

    02-03 09:12:57

    u are very stupid of asking if we thing that fulanis are responsible 4 d kidnappings going on in the country. u want pastor or immu to tell u b4 u believe. zoo country.

  • BarnabasNdimele_02

    02-03 11:09:45

    Eyes What do think of your self this country belonged to all of us so you should be very careful with some of Your mov

  • stevenwobi

    02-03 16:30:32

    Fulani's are killers squad . all kinds of banditry and kidnapping are mostly done by them


    02-03 09:45:06

    fulanis are evil

  • GUEST_81kkN4oWG

    02-03 05:45:01

    Which of the fulanis, is the fourien or the Nigerian

  • GUEST_ywaXYbqv9

    02-02 18:27:38

    You are stupid they did it because of their oil . Fualani that is their own?

  • MinM

    02-03 23:45:29

    You are an idiot, writer for asking do you like herdsmen? Mumu writer looking for many views.

  • NdubuisiNwobodo

    02-05 13:41:50

    El Rufai and his cohorts has been bursted he is suing for peace

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