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Photos Of Soldier That Says, Military Job Is The Best Career For Every Nigerian Youth | All Comments

2020-07-17 16:47:22
Due to the various threats that our country is facing, there is a need to recruit young capable youths to join the military. The uniform we are wearing is a burden on our shoulders, also every soldier must swear an oath to protect his or her Country. I'm a ...
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  • GUEST_L2naPRlmd

    07-18 14:55:44

    I must join army💪💪💪💪I'm too stubborn to waist,I swear down 👇👇

  • OdiiAugustine_01

    07-17 23:24:11

    My guy see Mary see Jesus. In other words, See Boko Haram see your dead and see your grave . BE CAREFUL

  • AndrewBilly

    07-17 21:54:11

    when you sink into Borno it is there you'll differentiate between Tea and Water...

  • GUEST_rjmZ7Qdlx

    07-19 19:29:12

    Rubbish! all soldiers are security agencies. it is not the best job ok

  • ONNE_Billion

    07-19 19:19:23

    na lie oo it was a good job until devil came in as chiefs

  • GnrIbrahim

    07-19 09:43:29

    No be lie

  • GUEST_rRgnBXn1k

    07-18 07:58:17

    yes I love. military work no. way for me

  • NanchangNantimRims

    07-17 22:54:43


  • DanielNathaniel_06

    07-17 19:05:33

    in your dreams

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