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"If The North Secede, 90% Of Separatist Will Sell Their Belongings Just To Join The North" - Garba | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:06:08
The recent events witnessed in the country over some time has sparked up different reactions. The attacks by Fulani herdsmen in the South West and the recent clash in the South East has fueled talks and agitations from Nigerians about a seperated Nigeria. ...
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  • InnocentLawrence

    02-02 16:56:34

    Pls some or Garba's relation should quickly take him to mental asylum or Aro mental health before things gets worst.


    02-02 17:30:38

    Who race in any other part of the world will ever like to join the north. Is it because of the killings or kidnapping or begging and other things that other nations of the world are running from that they will come and join?

  • Johnoh

    02-02 18:59:16

    Making the journey to the North without being kidnapped, raped or killed is the first hurdle.

  • GUEST_rjoKxqJob

    02-02 17:48:47

    the numbers years Adam mumu stayed in the bushes with cow living in hut made of grass really affected this animal man badly, Adam mumu listen, the fact that a monkey is given a jacket to wear does not give it the impetus to sit in the dining table to eat with human being, what you are wearing is just to cover your mumu and foolishness and illiteracy. fulanis are not Nigerian,read history if you can understand, you will know where you came from.fooooooool!

  • Cleman

    02-02 18:05:52

    Somebody should tell Adamu Garba that though the subsequent and present government concentrated development projects in the north using the resources from the East while doing nothing in the region. The people of the region are developers. They don't need any ready made to grow.

  • NwogaChijioke

    02-02 19:10:30

    You are suffering from cerebral dementia.

  • GUEST_qdpMpl5LK

    02-03 06:23:50

    I said you are blasphemy against the north the other day post. show where the southerners lived that they don't pay for in the north????

  • LuckyLucky_55

    02-02 17:40:54

    fear Don dey catch some people oooo

  • SolomonOlaoluwa

    02-02 16:50:35

    Why all this delay then ?.

  • GUEST_wbe87DrV9

    02-03 22:08:57

    Let's ivecutxa trial

  • wavnarikandams

    02-03 15:40:45

    Why waiting time now, which north is he talking about. We have far north, Sokoto, Kano, jigawa, Katsina, northern part of kebbi, but not the southern part comprising Yauri and Zuru.

  • PaschalOpene

    02-03 14:11:55

    Adamu Garbage tweets reminds one of a cow crossing the highway. hahahahaha I am not surprised.

  • Benny'sgist

    02-03 11:48:05

    pls tell this to stop smoking weeds because its not good to his health

  • Ritus

    02-03 09:09:58

    not in this life

  • GUEST_MaQb5vaOJ

    02-03 01:06:35

    Your opinions are too Childish and controversial


    02-02 21:59:45

    Nobody wish to stay with society that killed unjustly, a society where a neighbour know those who're killing innocent people but decided not to talk because of they belong to the same religion and tribe. No southern person will hide killer neighbours at all.

  • BenjaminIbeh_02

    02-02 20:18:18

    We wish you can advise your northern leaders to quickly support the motion of separation so that we can quickly start selling our properties to join northern boko Harams, Herdsmen, Alamajiris, etc. that are more sensible and successful in life. Presidency and her cabinets and service chiefs are almost 80% northerners who have been favouring their people. They have more power to divide this country, thus advise to do so that we can start selling our properties immediately. IS MARRIAGE BY FORCE?

  • Megan-04

    02-02 19:34:53

    north is the problem of nigeria, and your stupid talk will not change the narative on f ground. pls go you are not wanted. you are a liability to us.

  • GUEST_MwQPq1p4g

    02-02 18:54:52



    02-02 17:16:49

    Garba, so you have not heard how the SW, SE SS and even Middlebelt have been screaming ""THE NORTH IS DRAGGING US BACK"" How can these people now want to join the north? For what reason, to remain backward. Have you seen or heard a freed prisoner willingly go back to jail? Garba, you speak unintelliently and without wisdom always

  • JusticeAsiegbu

    02-02 16:19:23

    But since when did west start claiming Niger delta

  • Ajimicompas

    02-02 19:30:56

    please can someone help us with the contributions of the north to Gross national income in the past 50yrs, and the share of the north for the period,can we evaluate the impact that has emplaced.

  • StephenKalu_02

    02-02 19:08:26

    Malam Garba, that twist that the west is saying the Niger Delta is part of their territory is just a mere ploy among many the north will be throwing up from time to time to put a wedge between the new found unity now thriving between SE and SW. So, it is beginning to dawn on you guys that what the fulani has started they cannot finish! Besides, your north, by all credible indices, is one of the most poverty stricken areas on planet earth! If not, why always in jitters when separatist agitation sweep through Nigeria? Why the adamant refusal to restructure the country? Why the obsession by the north to have power and hang onto it at all costs? The answer is simple: without the resources from the south the north will be a mere geographical speck on the map a little better than wastelands! You all know this! You all are not adapting to being productive, believing Nigeria will forever be ruled by the north. Current events are bringing home to the north that Nigeria, sooner or later, WILL CEASE to exist. A stitch in time saves nine!

  • EmmanuelChidiOgbuagu

    02-04 10:25:08

    which north is it the one even the northerners are scared of going to? Are you talking of another north that will come down from heaven?Mr.man if you have nothing to say learn to keep the virtuous quiet.Stop your statement of irony and talk seriously.

  • +234-803860****

    02-03 19:36:30

    who will sell his/property to join the blood thirsty people, idiot, eranko, olosi, oloriburuku, apaniyan.

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