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Muhammed Adamu bounces back as Inspector-General of Police, President Buhari gives reasons. | All Comments

2021-02-04 17:59:11
The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Muhammed Adamu has been called back to his duty by President Mujammadu Buhari. Muhammed Adamu whose tenure as Nigerian Inspector General of Police has ended was expected to bow out of service as IGP has received extra ...
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  • ∆beedels

    02-04 21:12:27

    Abrakadabra Government ❌❌❌

  • +234-805203****

    02-05 11:39:13

    We have a very sluggish president. Didn't you know that his tenure is expiring soon? What does it take to name a successor from the long list of DIGs and even AIGs?

  • +234-806159****

    02-05 14:07:33

    No problem, president Buhari will himself have his tenure expired. so if he so wishes, let him give the IGP another full tenure.

  • GUEST_2qBGQzzXk

    02-04 23:47:27

    What do you expect from a Nepostic president. If the outgoing IGP's name has been Chukwuemeka or Oluwole or Otobo, the selection to replace would have long been done since 2019. Buhari is synonymous to Nepotism.

  • GUEST_KwlK65B0M

    02-04 23:35:59

    football football

  • +234-803216****

    02-04 22:36:23

    The president is truely sleeping on duty.

  • GUEST_NeX929mNY

    02-04 22:36:17


  • Gabriel12

    02-04 21:59:02

    Because their names look alike. human being self.

  • AbbaMuktar

    02-04 21:38:08

    What is happening in this country? For Gods sake all this period is not enough for you look for successor how will it possible in 3 months

  • Notedolododo

    02-04 19:53:14

    Three months will soon come to past. All we need is TOLERANCE accomodation and perciviarance for the president decision. I think the presidency knows the reason for the extention of adamu tenure. Good luck to the presidency to make a better decision and conclusion of who to be the next IGP

  • BashirIbrahim_38

    02-04 19:35:55

    So the presidency fid not now dat the tenure of IGP ADAMU Will end soon, so they av to extend his services again for the three months for proper selection of the New IGP to be installed... That is the reason why Nigeria is a failed country, No future projection for all what we do in Nigeria. Why can't he hand over to his IGP assistant of police to carry on from where he stopped. All Na corruption, the system is all about corruption, oppression and intimidation. God is watching all of u guys.

  • GUEST_yanbDOdy7

    02-04 21:14:26

    he deserved it


    02-05 14:17:12

    Buhari own is open, unlike a state in nigeria, after the governor winning his election since september2020, is yet to form carbinet as today 5th feb. 2021, he learn from pmb.

  • FlorenceOna

    02-05 13:36:08

    No one could say it is enough, am done. Mandela might be weeping in the grave.

  • 4flex

    02-04 23:44:40

    this country nawa ooh! by ajebo hustlers

  • GUEST_qG7VdPvee

    02-04 23:03:09

    Absolute power curupts absolutely .

  • EmmanuelF.Peter

    02-04 22:37:21

    Nigerian will take it is totally onfair

  • GUEST_NeX929mNY

    02-04 22:37:17

    This is a gross violation of the constitution and Nigerians should go to court to challenge it.

  • GUEST_8Vn26vwYB

    02-04 22:33:15

    Is it now that the Mr President know that the lGP will bow out of office before loo king for who will take over let him

  • MagumOpus

    02-04 22:06:09

    Ndi ara. Fulani janjaweed

  • FemiLadoke

    02-04 21:56:00

    This is a flimsy excuse. Did the President know before now that the term of the IGP was expiring? Why didn't he take his time to make decision before his term expired? This is a deliberate act of omission. We are not surprised anyway.

  • mikmorrow

    02-04 21:46:08

    Apart from the Grass cutter SGF It's like all of the Buhari appointees are PERMANENT and FOREVER. The former Service Chiefs almost completed Prophet MOSES journey of 40 years in d WILDERNESS. Very focused Leadership. Sai Baba!

  • +234-805567****

    02-05 09:15:48

    he has no conscience and credibility hence is accepting the three months extension. it's an admission that he wasn't successful in the past 33years. that being the case, if another 33 years extension is given to him, he can never, repeat, never be successful. he shouldn't be begrudged since he is a disaster to the force by his acceptance.

  • @dGoldengate

    02-05 07:14:48

    Buhari wants to ensure that there would b no Nigeria after 2023 only a fulani REPUBLIC

  • ancestor

    02-04 22:07:45

    Buhari just they change Nigeria constitution any how...may God help us in this Country

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