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Loan grant: How to check your loan application status. | All Comments

2020-07-18 19:51:21
For those of us that applied for the covid-19 loan, you can now check your loan status while you wait to receive the loan amount. The federal government of Nigeria have directed the Central Bank Of Nigeria to disburse over #50b to Nigerian households and ...
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  • Oyiyemedia

    07-19 07:40:14

    I apologize if this appears as fake news. I got the information from someone and I thought it was something I should write and share. I take all blame and not opera. It seems the information from the pop up tells the maximum amount each loan applicant can get. I apologise, once again, and assure you all that I will continue to verify information before posting them here. Thank you, readers.

  • SirajoSaniKayarda

    07-19 17:38:47

    Atimes many people are coplaining on your news.Mode of your news to be genuine pls

  • JosephIkwu_01

    07-18 23:04:30

    why u dey sell us fake news guy wat is it u gain

  • MuktarDogara_01

    07-21 12:46:43

    y are you always lie

  • MuhammadAbdulqadirAniko

    07-20 10:06:03

    DSS should nab dis guys, 419

  • EkeneJustin

    07-20 08:48:12

    please how do I apply for the covid 19 loan I want to apply

  • PrinceJusticeJunior

    07-20 04:02:00

    so what are they waiting to give me my own?

  • ZayyanuUsuman

    07-19 14:24:23


  • BosedePatriciaOguns

    07-19 12:53:23

    Bull cheat

  • DanIorwuese

    07-19 12:29:22

    liar I used fake account but they displayed same. Lucifer

  • AfolabiDadaDada

    07-19 10:09:12


  • +234-803079****

    07-19 07:24:10

    Does that mean if the amount is displayed, there's every possibility to get such loan? I just dialed the code along with my account details and the amount shows.

  • MbamFriday

    07-19 04:34:54

    so if that is done and it appears the same way you said.then what next on how to access the fund

  • GUEST_kKxalm6pJ

    07-18 23:35:32

    his a fool


    07-18 22:20:05

    Nigeria no mind this guy o. that is what you normally see, even the person who didn't applied for the loan can still see it on their phone.

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