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See What Yahaya Bello Did After He Denied That There Is No Covid-19 That Sparked Reactions. | All Comments

2021-02-22 09:06:43
Coronavirus erupted last year and caused many hindrances to the world economy and also causes the deaths of many people.The virus is a deadly disease and has not left the country while new cases are been recorded daily in the country. ...
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    02-22 12:59:13

    Let's wait and hear what he will say next about the Covid 19

  • GUEST_Pz9ZxEb9B

    02-22 16:48:05

    Bello is being proactive. In case..........

  • olaa_01

    02-22 11:55:41


  • Arims-Tima

    02-22 10:25:18

    Rogues everywhere as leaders.

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