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See What The Money Contributed For "Sunday Igboho" Will Be Used For According To Badejo | All Comments

2021-02-05 10:15:45
See What The Money Contributed For "Sunday Igboho" Will Be Used For According To Badejo.It's no longer news that a lot of people are curious to know what "Sunday Igboho" will do with the money contributed for him by his supporters. ...
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  • GUEST_D4VnJal0y

    02-05 18:01:23

    Don't say money contributed for Sunday igboho, This money was contributed for Yoruba liberation. Freedom from the so called destructive Fulanis. Thanks.


    02-06 12:53:49

    The Money is to be spent wisely, not to forget War Equipment s, sofisticated matching Guns of Guns...

  • EkiAsemota

    02-06 01:15:50

    if the money is given in a good faith, he can take it. he is hero

  • StephenUche_06

    02-05 18:18:49

    why not , infact am not Yoruba person but I will contribute.Enough of this nonsense in the south

  • GUEST_WkO368bn2

    02-06 02:47:25

    Sunday Igboho should collect the money so far the money would be channeling to flushing out the Fulani herdsmen in the Southern part of Nigeria. Fulani herdsmen had never been cushioning by the northerners most especially the federal executive. Their silence had proved that, they are responsible for the evils they're committing. Open grazing should be totally eliminated. That's final solution and that the Fulani herdsmen should be allowed to stay in the North. Shikeina.


    02-06 10:19:05

    Sunday igboho need bus to move his people from one place to another place....he can't eat anybody money God has already bless him.


    02-05 17:47:36

    Accept the money oo, cos the enemies also have donors of money and weapons I billions .

  • +234-0803321****

    02-05 13:15:03

    una never see anything that one na small money before 3months it will runs into billions


    02-06 12:47:42

    alhaj Tofa, can a person like you govearn Nigerian with your stupidity comments, you've sold respect & Diginity with LAI omo ale Oodua, Very soon Almighty God will visit you...

  • GUEST_2KzWw8yzg

    02-05 22:02:36

    Can u imagine!? Good people security is everyone responsibility ,

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