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‘I’m Disappointed’ – Primate Ayodele Roasts T.B Joshua, Pastor Sam Adeyemi | All Comments

2020-07-20 17:41:32
Do you know that the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has berated Prophet T.B. Joshua and Pastor Sam Adeyemi over their refusal to back the reopening of churches. NB: the Federal Government had on Monday lifted the ban o ...
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  • LanreAkinyemi

    07-23 13:34:36

    I will say amen because u are among.. AMEN

  • RupertSalubi

    07-21 18:58:21

    The church is not d building.The building people call church is just a worship center.God does not dwell there.He lives in us.If d worship center is closed ,it does not affect fellowship with God in anyway.T. B Joshua understands dis very well.

  • CaptainD'MartinMartin

    07-21 13:35:33

    Actually, the last person I would expect to place a curse on those giving false prophecies in the name of God, is Primate Ayodele. What does he think he particularly has been doing all these while in the name of prophecy?!

  • AnthonyEton

    07-20 19:35:09

    Can we say Amen to that.


    07-20 18:58:01

    He said God'll punish pastors who lie in the name of God. Nice one.

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