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Yoruba Nation Will Not Work Because Sunday Igboho is Not Like Nnamdi Kanu | All Comments

2021-03-18 10:29:46
Recently Sunday Igbhoho declared his support for a Yoruba Nation, stating that he is no longer Interested in one Nigeria siting the oppression of the Yoruba people at different levels.That would be a grave mistake. ...
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    03-18 20:07:36


  • MmaduabuchiJusticeAkuma

    03-18 18:49:56

    this writer is an idiot for trying to pit Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu not knowing that it cannot work.

  • GUEST_PnE5qnb09

    03-19 10:06:20

    Igboho is more of a man; than Nnamdi Kanu. He is here fighting his fight, like real men do. Chicken heart Kanu ran for his dear life, fighting his battles on social media. Cowardice at its peak. Yeye dey smell.

  • MartinChukwurah_01

    03-19 00:43:01

    Yoruba is a great nation already. A nation of one people, one language, one main geographical location within our unfortunate contrived abode. May our good Lord guide, direct protect and bless Yorubas. They're lucky. The luckiest of all.

  • ChanzeBreazePattanze_02

    03-18 22:41:26

    Yoruba nation is working already! can't you see new countries being created? BIAFRA, ODUDUWA. look very well, oh thou that sleepest, look!

  • OsonduIwuoha

    03-18 21:33:42

    my friend, your are not corrent. why do you antagonise yourself and equally, mixed issues? it is an irony that you said things that cannot defend.

  • GUEST_NlOv6Y0wK

    03-18 17:07:30

    Is your life that will not move forward anytime you say Yoruba nation will not work, idiot

  • LaraAkinbulumo

    03-18 13:51:10

    I beg igboho is not for Nigerian but for his people who the Fulani are kidnapping or making love with in The Youruba land. infact the youth has wake up now. imagine this idiots went to shaki and kill innocent people. Sunday if igboho can not open his eyes and be killing his people.

  • BestManObinwanne

    03-20 17:44:31

    GOD will make it work, nnamdi and Sunday are doing the same work, God will assist them to achieve their genuine work.


    03-19 12:06:16

    wrong comparison, individual differences show the skill and believe

  • GUEST_lkV7jLE6k

    03-19 13:40:52

    we are watching to see how Yorubas will fight their own civil war without others' assistance

  • onyekamadike

    03-21 06:29:58

    I remember when MNK started his preaching in radio Biafra during Johnathan regime, he said he will finish Nigeria with truth, everybody in Nigeria now is awake, kudos MNK

  • LawalAbdulrazaq

    03-19 11:50:31

    Nigeria is already sinks, all we need to do is to support Sunday igboho actions, and pray to God to let the freedom comes very soon and favor ODUDUWA REPUBLIC

  • GUEST_k1BwDLgK6

    03-19 01:33:36

    imagine this fool. kanu fighting from outside the country, while igboho stay nd face his war. you don't know anything


    03-18 21:13:07

    has Biafra work since in the 60s you people have been making mouth only no action

  • dadabay0

    03-18 15:28:18

    foolish writing igboho is more knowledge able than osinbajo and others don't look at him as illiterate he is making impact which all these so called well meaning southerners could not make God has employed igboho to salvage yorubas from imminent collapsed

  • davidoo747

    03-20 16:26:35

    This is not the time to create division between igbo and Yoruba,the enemies are laughing at you.

  • thetrust

    03-19 14:15:01

    they can never be the same,have you seen them arrested Sunday even during obasanjo regime he couldn't , is it time to use what we have.

  • SolomonDavinson

    03-19 12:58:31

    A big lie, don't you follow up your publications, how many times have published Igboho saying they Yoruba are tired of Nigeria and he has started soliciting for Oduduwa republic. if you don't know, some leaders of the yorubas who wanted succession from Nigeria are backing igboho for their Agender, what do you see or are benefiting from this failed nation called Nigeria? The earlier you accept that things have already fallen Apart and the center can nolonger hold. the early you start accepting the new Nations. This is the Lord's Will for us.

  • GUEST_epqDyGNro

    03-19 09:31:07

    Fake news

  • GUEST_lkV7jLE6k

    03-19 13:36:47

    stop comparing Nnamdi and Igboho. without what Nnamdi is doing the other cannot have courage to Start something


    03-18 21:35:05

    I don't think there's anyone that can prove that all is well with Nigeria as a country

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