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Meet The Vibrant Mother And Siblings Of The Former Governor Of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode | All Comments

2021-02-15 16:10:35
One of the governors of Lagos State who performed so well is this great man called Akinwunmi Ambode.He was one of the few performing governors in Nigeria during his time because of his progressive role in building the state. ...
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  • GUEST_B7q1YzNVr

    02-21 10:31:45

    What's the biggie who cares about wonbode

  • globalwealth

    03-06 06:37:55

    the best gov of Lagos is ambode.

  • BBisolaYarrow

    02-27 21:00:11

    granma u are loved


    03-06 06:47:22

    ride on the best working governor Lagos State never had for the second time

  • AbdulateefBiolaOlowoopejo

    03-11 19:27:31


  • FemmiNif

    02-21 13:34:07

    The Mother of the best Governor of Lagos State you are highly Celebrate ma..

  • FolyLami

    02-21 09:07:06

    Tag- mama governor

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