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See Photos Of Nigerian Military Search Party In Sambisa Forest | All Comments

2021-02-02 13:10:17
Today, Sambisa has become one of the strongest bases of the Boko Haram insurgents who run back into its dark recesses anytime they have finished their slaughter of harmless citizens. However, the Nigerian military are no longer interested in the business ...
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  • D-YounG

    02-02 17:07:47

    AY my guy i pray for God protection over you and ur member

  • Paddie_13

    02-02 16:22:08

    That's a good operation search and destroy

  • AliyuKunle

    02-03 00:30:26

    while thanking God for His protection over these soldiers,I must not fail to say that there tactical methods and style is faulty... modern days warfare does not encourage the massive gathering of men clustered together as they did,this is because if their is any form of bombardment from a suicide bomber,mines,or even from fighter jets,the casualty figure will be high. and these men are not well equipped with vests, to even resist any shooting from an harm Bush. our soldiers should be well guided.

  • OmisoreMoses

    02-02 17:10:08

    Total victory in sight by God's grace

  • GUEST_anAZ18Kjb

    02-03 04:16:51

    May God help them

  • ThechoiceofGod

    02-02 20:00:27

    those useless terrorist where una hide? come out again

  • OsemekeFavour_01

    02-02 18:42:14

    the fearless defenders,move on and brake them down.

  • OwoniyiAyomide

    02-02 15:10:04

    more power to your elbow chief of Army staff.

  • GUEST_Gm44xWd9j

    02-03 07:13:07

    First, The borders up north should be closed, security around the borders should also be tightened if we are going to win this war on terrorism.

  • EmmaOkeme

    02-03 02:18:07

    our military r trying indeed may God give dem good leaders dat will motivate dem not looters 80% of d security leadership from northeast ad can't stop dis killing but leave d office fat meaning no solution ad love to resue ter pple can d still go ad leave happily wit ter family's in northeast or have a new home tag Abuja?no place like yr acesstral home

  • +234-0813914****

    02-02 23:24:54

    Go and hire Sunday Igboho and stop wasting our time

  • Branches

    02-02 20:42:54

    Stop chasing wild goose,you know where they were,they are by lake Chad basin h,go there straight,stop showing photo of your exclusion

  • Lagosprince

    02-02 19:20:41

    almighty allahu protection on u

  • Tiboy

    02-02 18:04:42

    dis is welcome development,our God is ur strength!

  • Maths01

    02-02 14:56:21


  • GUEST_m7RK36A3o

    02-07 10:14:37

    Why now and what happen to the wasted of both soldiers n civilians lives as well as damages of properties over a decade now ?

  • AghedoJolly_02

    02-02 19:53:48

    good 😜

  • +234-805880****

    02-02 18:14:08


  • AbubakarSaidu_23

    02-03 09:55:11

    Set the forest ablaze

  • PetrusNwemea

    02-02 19:13:39

    I commend the nigeria army for they " Operation Baba rossa " by occuping sambisa the dreaded forest.

  • GUEST_YeRBn97oW

    02-02 18:07:05

    Why thanking you for d efforts,I want to suggest air search/raid would have helped d foot soldiers much more than just going on search in wilderness. Use d air more nd show directions to footsoldiers. It help alot.

  • GUEST_JK9b2VpnJ

    02-02 17:55:26


  • WilsonOkafor_01

    02-03 12:22:56

    If bokoHarzm can destroy Nigeria is ot a nation, how can we allow this!

  • KazeemAlfa

    02-02 19:03:29

    walau galibu alahmunrii

  • ReubenSS

    02-02 17:17:44

    I hope it is sustained

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