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Meet The 58 Years Old Man That Has More Than 3000 Cars | All Comments

2021-02-15 08:53:11
Being rich can make people do alot of crazy things, they spend money on things that an ordinary Man would never ever think about.Things that are so expensive, they buy them in bulk, in different shapes and sizes. ...
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  • WunmiAkoh

    02-27 19:11:33

    You can't find this craziness elsewhere save Arabian worlds.

  • DominicFavour

    02-21 14:41:02

    Pls can you tell him to send some money into my account

  • Carolinelovebooks

    02-18 17:44:16

    what does he do for businesses?

  • GUEST_PrnmKK5mj

    02-27 12:44:19

    But people in Yemeni died with hungry useless man

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