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The Three Pillars of a Successful Marriage—Love Is Not One of Them! | All Comments

2021-02-09 07:45:10
One of the benefits of building with a pillar is the rigid support it gives to the structure.The pillar protects the structure from adverse effects that is capable of bringing it down.Love is like a beam resting on these Pillars. ...
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  • BasseyAkpaettim

    02-10 20:52:20

    The bible does not ask wives to love their husbands!

  • +234-0803314****

    02-11 08:24:59

    you are forgetting one pillar that coordinates all other pillars. PILLAR OF MONEY!

  • GUEST_o0NXq48er

    02-11 09:13:57

    Excellent post and highly educative illustration.May your knowledge increase aboundantly

  • Falz242

    02-10 17:54:04


  • blessoo

    02-10 22:02:09

    all these qualities is for mentally matured women not these indomie ladies nowadays oo

  • adeyemolateef

    02-11 03:23:28

    I say misplaced priority. love should be number one to be supported by others. thanks

  • SammyErewa

    02-11 06:50:22

    endure all things

  • SammyErewa

    02-11 06:49:34

    'love' not romantic love, is the first pillar in marriage,it encapsulates all the three pillars you mentioned,true love maintains integrity, respect and ensures all things

  • IdamFestus

    02-10 20:29:20

    Well said.When the total package turns to poff poff, character integrity and respect can sustain the relationship.

  • GUEST_goOr2MaoB

    02-10 20:17:31

    thank you

  • Sportygist042

    02-09 12:27:14

    nice one

  • ericbusayo

    02-11 19:30:46

    wow!! what a good job

  • EmmaEmenike

    02-11 07:39:30

    Marriage is like an elephant ,four blinds were asked to describe based on the part each is touching.Marriage is more practical than theory and varies from individuals.

  • Destiny.Luv

    02-11 02:19:34

    Tank u let me start particising it b4 de do day jare cuz NOTYM 2 CHECK TYM

  • AnnUdeh

    02-11 07:53:32

    The three pilars cannot be achieved without love Love is the ultimate

  • +234-816361****

    02-10 21:09:41

    Nice one

  • OlubolaBolu

    02-11 05:10:17

    this is true, but if those three points are not built on love it like a beautiful body but lifeless. can you please somebody whom you do not love with respect and honor, can you have endurance or pasiviarance for a partner whom you do not love? all lasting relationship is built on ( agape)

  • olorunmonupromix

    02-11 06:50:06

    ur three points can be built or worked on, buh love is natural which every other things foloows

  • EttekaOsung

    02-11 06:18:44

    Nigeria ladies do not understand this abeg no matter their level of western education

  • wizytom

    02-11 05:21:58

    the three points you raised that is what makes marriage a successful one is from your own point of view....for me 1. is respect ...2. is understanding...3..is trust ....den with this three things love played in ...naturally ...

  • badamskadir

    02-10 21:40:32

    The three can stand test of time.

  • GUEST_7jp9VV3A2

    02-10 20:12:23

    you 've spoken well. it makes sense.nice one.

  • RevUfereUkoha

    02-11 05:55:10

    every one is entitled to his opinion. from which ever you look at it one thing is important in marriage - Compaterbility and faithfulness to each other

  • EzeNnaemeka_05

    02-10 18:46:42

    You have said it all.

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