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She Has No Hands But She Is A Successful Make-Up Artist & YouTuber; The Touching Story Of Kashmiere | All Comments

2021-03-18 19:13:18
We have lots of people who have faced different challenges but despite that they are still doing great in their lives, one of these people is Kashmiere Culberson. ...
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  • Sly_Don

    03-27 21:31:17

    I would love to have her as my wifey.😊

  • FatimaOlabisi_01

    03-22 18:22:34

    God pls provide her a good husband dat will be of an helper to her in jesus.A husband like a father and like a mother in jesus mighty name.Amen

  • Daybyday

    03-22 20:25:41

    So pretty. Truly disability is only in the mind 👌


    03-22 18:11:17

    Very beautiful Sister

  • PaulAkushie

    03-23 13:53:47

    very beautiful lady

  • RhodaUmeri_01

    03-22 15:18:24

    God plz bless her

  • +234-806749****

    03-22 18:43:11

    happy for her. God bless you.

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