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Kiddwaya Shows Love To His Fans, See The Tweet He Made Few Minutes Ago | All Comments

2021-02-08 08:40:21
Indeed the life of a celebrities is an interesting one because of how people always look forward to virtually everything they say or do in the open or secret. ...
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  • GUEST_bX78Q9W9W

    02-08 13:28:42

    Great one. 👍

  • @Lumis

    02-10 14:55:43

    Much love Kidd,may God of Heaven release his blessings upon you always and may his hand cover you wherever you go Amen

  • GUEST_vK90ZvjwX

    02-08 11:40:41

    Go back to your angel God sent to you ingrate you will do same thing to all the fans you will use them & abandon them failure

  • MmaellaMark_01

    02-08 15:05:33

    relationship is not by force but whoever that opens her virg to u Kidd waya them as Ur name implies n clean mouth OK!

  • GUEST_vK90ZvjwX

    02-08 11:38:38

    Go back to angel ingrate stop begging you will later do same thing to all of the fans using them & drop them

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