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The Military Can't Engage In Gun Battle With Bandits - See The Reasons Provided By Ex DSS Director | All Comments

2021-02-22 18:07:59
It was reported on Thursday that bandits abducted 27 Kagara students in Niger state, And reports today says that the abducted students and staffs has been released. ...
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  • GUEST_QPe4j54Gx

    02-24 17:12:25

    Mr Dss u r bought over by terrorist arms bought by govt, what ist for but 0, fake man like u can engage bettle wit freedom fighters , but u supply arms tonterorist , don't use bandits cos south has better education than u Fulani, soon all if u must leave northern Nigeria

  • Ahmedtndawoyo

    02-23 22:06:16

    Things are supposed to put write. We don't have to wait for things to happen before we talk of what should have been done.

  • NyakasKiller

    02-23 07:06:39

    Kidnapping goes with negotiation but after the release what next

  • GUEST_ZaA93E4rz

    02-23 06:13:03

    useless and decivers what about now that they have release the abducted people


    02-24 17:52:59

    lf dss can't device security technical know how but succumb to bandith tactics, then where are we in this country?

  • godwinpower

    02-24 22:58:45

    All is a plan. All right thinking Nigerians knows what they are doing. but don't forget that nothing last forever.

  • +234-805643****

    02-24 17:34:19

    But Sudanese president led a troop to Nigeria to devastate Boko Haram. America came to rescue a man. Please give us reasonable reason.

  • LarryRuthless_

    02-24 15:26:22

    That's poor reasoning America rescued their man from those criminals with out minding if they will use him as a shield what a brain.

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