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Meet Woman Who Holds Record For Sleeping With 919 Men In One Day | All Comments

2021-02-08 20:14:25
The world is a large place and this large place is filled with different people who have different capabilities.People who can break various boundaries and records of which even their fellow man hasn't even thought of breaking yet. ...
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    02-08 23:42:40

    its not possible by My experience

  • +234-81590*****

    02-09 01:54:47

    ... and none of the men tried to talk her out of the destructive feat. What am I even saying? When a man is led by his third leg, expect a lot to go wrong.

  • WilliamsAdekola

    02-08 23:36:26

    it is a lie

  • AkinolaAdepoju

    02-09 03:44:25

    none sense. impossible. 45 seconds.na fowl?


    02-09 01:25:57

    so proud looking at her gait standing, go refine your thoughts , that makes a better feat than time wasted doing crappy stuffs

  • GUEST_qyZKoakne

    02-09 01:48:08

    ok ohooo

  • MARCK.2

    02-09 03:40:08

    That's fictitious... In which country did the event took place??...liars from the pit of hell

  • JohnnieJossy

    02-09 01:08:47

    Jezebel Incarnates. Men run for your DEAR Life

  • +234-803258****

    02-09 01:07:01


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