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How To Know If She Is A Witch. | All Comments

2020-07-16 05:37:52
Good Day everyone! Is your boy again, CRYSTPRNCE. Today, am going to teach you how to recognise a witch. If she possess most of the signs that I will be writing below, I advise you run for your dear life. Most of problems in our lives, we cause most of t ...
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  • AnielEro

    07-16 14:43:00

    you are a witch or wizard. which coven are you? where you in the mazumba convention last week?

  • MarthaMNw

    07-16 14:41:03

    Oga you really don't know what are saying,please before you post tink well

  • +234-813590****

    07-16 14:20:28

    only Almighty Jehovah knows that are after his children

  • +234-810275****

    07-16 13:07:16

    There is nothing like misleading there, that is pure truth. If you are a witchcraft come out from the court and give your life to JESUS Christ

  • +234-803272****

    07-16 13:06:44

    ur ar a lier,,, what of all this ogboni Men wey no dey sleep at night in order to do they're manipulate work,, & some men wey d soaked blood even some men dey thef ppl money spiritually Are they Not witches

  • FruitfulErekosima

    07-16 12:12:22

    very right bro, but some of them aren't true oo

  • IdowuEwuola

    07-16 11:57:55

    1,3,4 are the specialist

  • HopeUmeh

    07-16 10:03:21

    rubbish, keep misleading those you can mislead

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