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Opinion: Arteta is wasteful, clueless and partial | All Comments

2021-02-09 16:34:30
We have seen a big coach taking charge of a small team.We have seen an inexperienced coach managing a big team.We have seen a lot in football and I strongly believe that football should be analyzed with pure mind without throwing stone at anyone. ...
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  • GUEST_nb41oE9KR

    02-24 21:53:25

    Well said. weldone Mr. writer.

  • Alex7282

    02-10 17:55:08

    the writer elucidated it all. I love the article

  • Moscoventures

    02-10 07:52:25

    The writer has done a noble job , this is exactly what is happening to Arsenal fc, the board colossally blundered by hiring an inexperience and apprentice coach in Arteta, the results the club is getting is commensurate with the unqualified coach that was hired.

  • GUEST_VpzmQb9jG

    02-23 14:57:52

    Well said. I became worried when Nile was loaned out. He has the speed to cover up, he can play from central mid field, right or left side of the field. I wondered the brain behind the decision to loan him out. And I think, Rowe should always play ahead of Odegaard. Also Arsenal defence must always be warned against complacency at the early hours of any match. In all, I think the pair of Mari and Holding is better for Arsenal defence.


    02-10 07:02:34

    well said.you said it all.Areta Mikel is not good a coach for a ub like Arsenal.He should be dropped or Arsenal will be relegated.

  • MichelleEdition

    02-11 09:13:35

    you forgot tactless and brainless


    02-10 10:50:01

    check out my stories about this assistant born coach called arteta with his useless philosophy very very unbearing

  • GUEST_7gMDkQgPn

    02-09 21:24:30

    I can't agree more. This Observation is exactly as the situation is. Arteta is proving to be Clueless , Willian has not paid back the trust from the coach. Adams traore did us injustice this time but the previous encounter he was contained by Maitland Niles,why loan our utility player.

  • KayongoHudson's

    02-09 22:46:58


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