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A Woman that Sold 20 Bags of Rice Cash in her Shop, Here is What Happened to the Money | All Comments

2021-02-06 14:33:14
No one is above mistake, and many who tend to be rich with other people's sweat do so without remorse, but remember law of karma would definitely visit them in unknown time. ...
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  • GUEST_BneMn1WRr

    02-08 06:55:22

    why would I collect 400k cash when bank is there? that was what killed ignatius odunukwe,he wants to went collect #900 cash from land sales.

  • GUEST_zO4nKN1W8

    02-08 18:53:00

    no one is above mistake, these people moves in different styles, what about if they use fake alert for you if you decided they should transfer it, it's only God that can save

  • +234-802338****

    02-07 00:56:32

    wicked people

  • Harrymarshal

    02-07 14:40:55

    African magic everywhere

  • JoyceDyan

    02-06 15:49:53

    Ninety - nine days for the theif, but one day for the owner, they should repent

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