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Oritsefemi's cheating Saga : why you should not blame the side chic | All Comments

2021-02-08 17:21:02
I always come across ladies talking about what they would do to the other woman AKA side chick if they should dare go out with their husbands/ man. ...
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  • GoalrushPeter

    02-08 20:28:08

    actually you are not far away from the official Truth

  • Abiolalebi

    02-08 23:12:33

    u better carry ur loads before u die for love, no b today him start carry carry Yash oo


    02-08 21:13:54

    stop lamenting, move on with your beautiful life,

  • Angeldrey

    02-08 20:54:54

    You are very correct, if I were in those shoes, God forbid, I would have business with hubby. I had this thought when I first read it. If she really thought it good to call out the lady rather than her husband who disrespected her matrimonial bed, then she should have just tagged that lady. Case closed!

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