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Man Narrates How God Saved His Life, He Slept With His Gas On And Woke Up To See It Off

We've heard how people died through gas explosion and others survived through miracle. A Nigerian man by name took to his Facebook to share a testimony of how God saved him from being burnt by gas. He tried warming his food and in the process slept off. He woke up to neighbours banging his door trying to wake him as his house was filled with smoke. To his surprise the gas turned off on its own and his inverter too turned off on its own if not it would have being a deadly situation for him.

He wrote:

"HOW I MADE IT TO WITNESS ANOTHER DAY. Had a rough Saturday, from mechanic to visiting my parents. Came back at night( 9pm), felt like eating so I brought out stew from the freezer, turned ON gas then lit two burners to paboil rice and warm the stew. Entered the sitting room, sat down and BOOM! I SLEPT OFF till 3AM😟. NEIGHBORS STARTED BANGING MY DOOR BY THAT 3AM. I woke up couldn't see anything just smoke everywhere(looking terrified), rushed to my door saw neighbors shouting check your kitchen that was how I ran into the kitchen everywhere seemed clouded(like a movie) then i remembered I was cooking. Quickly turned off the cylinder head. inverter with batteries are also in my kitchen with gas lit ON for over 5hrs only God knows how the fire went off on the burners and my inverter always ON but it was also OFF( I STAY ALONE WITH DOORS LOCKED SO NOBODY CAME IN TO PUT THEM OFF), the two burners no fire emitting just burnt pots and few melted rubbers. Opened all the windows then in the morning I turned on same cooker(gas didn't finish) it all worked well tried blowing off the fire with my mouth but it wouldn't go off so I'm still shocked if not God how did I survive it and how did the fire go off! 2HOURS IS ENOUGH TO BURN THE WHOLE BUILDING BUT 5HRS with inverter batteries that can explode! BEFORE YOU WORRY ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS REMEMBER BEING LIFE MEANS EVERYTHING #IamgratefulLord"

We thank God for his life.

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